A few years ago, my friend down the street found kittens in her garage. Since she is very allergic to cats, I suggested that she give the cats away at the yard sale she was setting up. I warned her to hide the kittens before EJ came to the sale since I knew he would take one home. She didn’t hide them quick enough and EJ indeed brought one home. We called the kitten Anakin until we learned that “he” was a “she.” Then we switched her name to Annie. Annie is a better choice because she has the most musical meow that I have ever heard. I love to hear her sing. The problem is that she never sings on command so we are the only ones who have ever heard her.

Annie loves Luke.

When we first brought Annie home, she totally ignored us and immediately bonded with our cats Luke and Han. She was a cat’s cat. She now sometimes pays attention to us. Usually she sat on our lap during our homeschool. She can go quite awhile without wanting attention, but if wants it, she will shove into our laps no matter what we are doing and won’t take no for an answer. Annie was small until we got her spayed and then she grew very fat.

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