Hannah Joy

My beloved dog Danny died of cancer just before Thanksgiving 2017. I missed him. I hated reaching down to pet him and not finding him. So on December 23, 2017, EJ and I took a trip to the local animal shelter and adopted a dog we renamed Hannah Joy.

Hannah Joy was one of three dogs who had been rescued from an owner who had kept them outside 24/7 and starved them. Hannah Joy (and the others) was so thin that we could count all her ribs. You can read the full story of the day we adopted her here: Introducing Hannah Joy.

We have loved and pampered our Hannah Joy and while she is still food-obsessed, she is no longer skin and bones. She has been such a blessing and a joy to us. She is intelligent, opinionated, and expressively vocal. She is sweet, loving, and loves to cuddle. When EJ is home on the weekends, she goes to him for her “goodnight kiss” before she heads off to bed. She insists on being part of all our activities, and she takes serious responsibility for our protection, entertainment, and exercise, as well as cleaning up if anything falls from the kitchen counter while we are cooking. She also does things like steals kleenex from my pockets and eats them. We call her adorably quirky.

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