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“With intellectual curiosity the world will always be full of magic and wonder.”

— Marjorie Pay Hinckley

I think the universe is fascinating and I like to explore it–while sitting in my comfortable chair at home, with my dog, Hannah Joy, on my lap, sipping hot coffee or iced tea. These are links to many things that I find interesting. I will add to this page when I find more things to explore. Feel free to send me wholesome, interesting links you find. I will check them out and add them.


All In One Package Tracking

Flightaware.com (It’s cool learning the origin and destination of the planes flying overhead)

Shipping Routes
National Data Buoy Center
Sunken Ships of the Atlantic
Lakes Ship Traffic

Snow Plows
Michigan Department of Transportation (No plows in summer. Duh. But construction, incidents, and cameras all year)


Dutchsinse Youtube
Earthquakes Live Feed
Earthquakes USGS
Interactive Map of Active Volcanoes

Fire and Smoke Map
US Wildfire Map


There are a lot of sites/downloads to track weather. These are my two favorites:
National Weather Service
MyRadar.com (You can buy an inexpensive subscription for additional features.)

Real-time Lightning Map

Flood Map

Global Map of Wind

Combination Tracking
Radar-tracker.com (Airplanes, Marine, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, ISS)
USGS.Gov Realtime Data (Wildfires, Avalanches, Droughts, Floods, Landslides, Geomagnetism )
Zoom Earth  (real-time satellite images, rainfall radar maps, animated wind maps, tropical cyclones, severe storms, wildfires, natural hazards and more)


International Space Station
Spot the Station
NASA: Crew and Mission Info
NASA: Livestream from ISS

Starlink Tracker

Northern Lights
Aurora Alerts
Aurora Forecast
NOAA: Aurora 30 Min Forecast
Space Weather

NASA’s All-Sky Fireball Network
Meteorite Calendar
Eclipse Calendar
Astronomy Calendar
Near Earth Objects
The Sky Live (near earth objects)
Atmospheric Optics
Tonight’s Sky
North American Dark Skies
Solar System – NASA
Sky & Telescope
Space Engine
Stars – Chrome Experiments
Nine Planets Tour
In the Sky
Night Earth
Earth & Moon Viewer
Astronomy and Telescope Webcams
The Sounds of Space
EarthSky: The Sounds of Space
NASA Audio Collection
Backyard Astronomy Guide


All About Birds (identification)
E-Bird Migration Links
E-Bird Migration Map (enter species to see where they are)
Bird Conservation Region
Globe of Bird Migration (Tracks 11 types of birds.)
ABC Birds Migration Tracking
Bird Migration Maps
Live Bird Migration Map
eBird Science
Hummingbird Migration Map
The Feather Atlas (feather Identification)

Nature Tracking
Greenbelly Wildlife Tracks Identification
Hiking Michigan Wildlife Track Identification
50 Animal Footprints Found in N. America
Animal Tracks in Snow and Mud
Wildlife Webcams and Tracking
Watching Wildlife
Wildlife Cams
Wildlife Webcams All Around the World
Where the Animals Go
World Atlas Animal Migration
Migrations in Motion
Wildlife Teaching Resources for Children

Insect Identification

Global Swimways (Fish Migration)
Marine Life Encyclopedia
Shark Tracker
The Danger of Plastics to Marine Life (Submitted by Grady)


GEO Awesomeness
Geolic Maps
19 Fascinating Maps
World Maps
USGS Topographical Maps
USGS Interactive Topographical Map
Stamen Maps (You can change the appearance of the maps)
20 Largest Cities
Map Crunch (Explore random Google Earth sites)
US Census Maps
Google Maps Mania
NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive
Scribble Maps
Webcam Hopper (webcams from around the world)
EarthCam (webcams from around the world)
All About the Arabian Desert (This link was submitted by Aubree, a member of a Youth Ministry team who has used my Everything Links for a special project. Joshua, Meg, Aubree, and Skylar, your project sounds awesome!)

United Kingdom
Mind the Gap (A Brit’s Guide to Surviving America FB page)

Fantasy Maps
Map of Middle Earth (because everyone should have a map of Middle Earth)
IGN Maps (maps of fantasy worlds, video games, TV and movies)


Hyper History
Atlas of World History
Interactive History Map
Ancient History Maps
iBible Maps
Bible History
Paul’s Missionary Journeys
Bible Maps, Timelines, Pictures
7 Jobs We’re Glad are Obsolete
Differences Between Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish Vikings
Ghosts of Time: WW2 (Historical/modern photos superimposed)
Ghosts of War: WW2 (Then and Now photos)
81 Before and After Photos
Windows to the Past
Then and Now Blend of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake


World Culture Encyclopedia
Holidays and Observances Worldwide
Science Fiction Encyclopedia


Pronounce it Right
The Free Dictionary
Online Etymology Dictionary
Acronym Finder
United Kingdom Informal Speech Dictionary
Legal Dictionary
Quote Investigator
Virtual Keyboard (Translator)
My Most Favorite Things (my personal database of quotes)

Foreign Language Study



Great Literature
20 Best Online Libraries
Project Gutenberg
The Literature Network
American Literature (Free Classics)
Free Classic e-books
Literature Map
Literary Classics Timeline
Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
10 Magnificent Historical Libraries (Video)
11 Impressive Libraries From the Ancient World
Mankind’s Greatest Libraries
The Best Fictional Libraries in Pop Culture


Beautiful Architecture in the World
The Most Architecturally Significant Building in Every State
Ancient Egyptian Architecture
House styles – a guide to architectural styles and eras
Timeline of prominent architectural styles
Architecture Timeline – Western Influences on Building Design
Ancient Greek Architecture
11 Famous Greek Architects
Greek Architecture for Kids
Roman Architecture for Kids
Ancient Roman Architecture
An Illustrated Glossary of Castle Architecture
Medieval Castles Design & Architecture
40 Types of Architectural Styles
Types of Houses Through the Ages
Evolution of Buildings


Timeline of Art History
Top 10 Artists
Famous Artists and Their Works
Top 100 Masterpieces
10 Art Museums You Can Visit Virtually
Fine Art America (Browsing through this site is like meandering through an art gallery)
Doctor Who: Van Gogh Visits the Gallery (I had to share this.)
Van Gogh Painted Perfect Turbulence


Radio Garden (Music stations around the world
Radiooooo (Listen to music from around the world and history)
Old Radio World (Historic radio programs from the 1930s-1950s)
Old Radio Programs (Archive of historic old radio broadcasts)
Music Bubbles (Music people around the world are listening to)
Music Map (Type in any musician’s name and it will give you a map of other artists you might like)
A Soft Murmur (Create your own ambient sounds)
Unique Instruments and Music/Dance Around the World:
The Most Unusual Instruments in the World
Top 15 Rare and Strange Musical Instruments
15 Weird Musical Instruments
Cool Instruments From Around the World
Harp Guitar
Piano Guys: One Direction (These guys are incredibly creative. They are my favorite.)
Happy Birthday (in various composer styles)
Funny Typewriter Musician
The Spoon Lady
The Saw Lady
Landfill Harmonic (Paraguay)
In The Hall of the Mountain King (Organ of Mupa Budapest)
Norway’s Ice Festival (All instruments made of ice)
Kulning (Ancient Swedish herding call)
Lord of the Dance (Irish)
Scottish pipes and drums group Clanadonia, performing “Ya Bassa”
Royal Marines Corps of Drums and Top Secret Drum Corps
Georgian National Ballet
Balkan Dance Medley
Hallelujah (music by Wuauquikuna)
Commanche Spring (Native American)
Ancient Voice of the Didgeridoo (Australia)
Altai Throat Singing (Altai Republic is located in the south of Western Siberia)
Japanese Drummer
Dobun. Drummers of the Sakha Polytechnic Lyceum (the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is located
in the Russian Far East, along the Arctic Ocean)
The Hu – Wolf Totum (I believe this is Mongolian)
Taiko Center of the Pacific (a school of traditional and contemporary Japanese drumming located in Hawaii)
Maori Haku (New Zealand)

Critical Thinking/Logic

Your Bias Is
Your Logical Fallacy Is


My Fridge Food (site gives recipe ideas based on the food in your fridge)
Recipes (Linked to a page on this blog listing a few of my personal favorite recipes)
Coffitivity (Ambient sounds of a cafe)


I was born, raised, and have lived all my life in Michigan, and I love my state.

About Michigan
Explore Michigan
55 Interesting Facts About Michigan
Unpronounceable Michigan
Michigan National Parks
Michigan State Parks
Michigan Forests
Michigan Lighthouses
Interactive Michigan Maps (Maps of counties, cities, lakes, rivers, islands)
Great Lakes Maps
Michigan’s Hand Map
Tolkien-inspired Map of Michigan (because ❤ LOTR)
Funny Michigan Maps
Great Lakes Current Map
Mackinac Bridge Cam
Great Lakes Shipwrecks
Great Lakes Shipwreck Map
Edmund Fitzgerald

Michigan Songs
Living in Northern Michigan
Have You Ever – Brandi Carlile
I’m a Michigan Kid
Michigan Man
Take Me There
Pure Michigan – Good Time
Songs of Michigan/Great Lakes

Northern Michigan Legends
Legend of Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
Legend of the Paulding Light
Myths and Legends of Traverse City
Northern Michigan Legends
Singing Sands of Bete Grise
The Hippie Tree
The Legend of the Dogman (Song)
The Legend of the Dogman (Video)

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