Little Bear

Little Bear

Two years ago we were celebrating our first Hanukkah when we heard a wailing noise on the front porch. “What is THAT?” we asked each other. We all went out onto the front porch. Suddenly, a tiny bit of fluff climbed up my leg and into our hearts. Of course we kept him! I wanted to give him a Hanukkah name, but EJ chose to call him Little Bear because he looked like a little bear cub and his paws were like bear paws.

Little Bear “helping” in the kitchen.

Little Bear is a character. When he wants attention, he makes a squeaking noise and reaches up my legs like a little toddler wanting to be picked up. If I don’t pick him up quickly enough, he leaps to my shoulders. He loves to cuddle and ride around on my shoulders. He also always stands on his hind legs when we are cooking, as if to see what we are making.

One Comment on “Little Bear

  1. Aww! How cute is that?! The girls would love your cats. I think they too will be cat ladies like yourself. 🙂


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