Theo & Millie

Theo and Millie joined our family in July 2019. We got them through the Michigan Barn Cat Project, which connects people wanting to rehome outdoor cats with people who want to adopt them. (Not every cat is happy being indoors only). All barn cats must be provided food, water, and shelter suitable for the various climate changes in Michigan. Theo and Million have the option of sheltering in the coop with the chickens or in the garage. They don’t mind the chickens, but they prefer the garage. For an extra treat, EJ makes them homemade cat food which they love so much that they “chitter” when they see me coming with it.

We adopted Theo and Millie to kill rodents so they don’t get into the chicken feed. They are pretty good at doing their job.

Both Theo and Millie have different personalities. Millie is gentle and sweet with a touch of shyness. Theo is also sweet, but he is also bit of a goofball. He sometimes leaps at the birdfeeders, but usually just bonks his head on it and spills the seeds while the birds fly away. He usually joins me every day when I go out to care for the chickens–either running ahead of me or leaping on my shoulder and riding to the coop.

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