Baby Bird Rescue!

Earlier I thought I had killed a nest of baby robins. Read about  it here: Super Villain in the Garden.

But the story isn’t over.

This evening I looked out the window where I had seen the “dead” babies, and I saw that one was alive on the ground. So I went outside and I found TWO alive! I didn’t see any dead birds, so I think there were only two.

Our yard is not safe for baby birds on the ground because there are lots of cats in the neighborhood, including two of ours. So I picked up the babies (who opened their little mouths to be fed) and put them in a hanging basket with a towel in the bottom, and hung the basket from a lilac branch. I’m hoping the basket is high enough and doesn’t sway too much and the babies are warm enough, but the babies are safer there than on the ground. I thought about hanging them from a hanging basket hook high on the front porch, but I thought the basket would be too exposed and the lilac branch, though not perfect, has overhanging branches to offer them some protection. Maybe tomorrow I can find a better place–higher up and more secluded–but tonight I just wanted to get them in off the ground and where the parents could find them.

The parents were very upset with me when I got close to their babies, but I see them tending their babies in the basket. I’m so glad.

I sure hope the babies will be ok. I have a deep interest in them now, and I really want them to be ok. I won’t rest easy until I see them grow up and leave the nest.

My garden has way too much drama lately.

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