Trying New Recipes and Planting New Things

It rained every day last week, and the forecast is saying that it is going to rain every day this week so there isn’t a lot being done in the garden this week. Outside projects will have to wait.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday. I feel as if I am getting in a rut with meals, and nothing sounds appealing, so I found some new recipes at to try. Browsing through the recipes, I found Ground Beef Wellington and decided to make it. Since my husband prefers homemade over prepackaged foods, I did not use the refrigerated crescent rolls the recipe called for. Instead, I found a recipe to make homemade crescent rolls. The rolls required raising, so since it was getting late and everyone was getting hungry, I quickly found a recipe for Ground Beef Yorkshire and interrupted my crescent rolls and Ground Beef Wellington to make it. My family really liked it, so I will make it again. After we ate, I finished up the Beef Wellington. It looks good but none of us were hungry after eating our fill of Ground Beef Yorkshire. We will eat the Beef Wellington today.

Camera 012
My Horseradish

Last spring we bought some horseradish root for the first time. After I used it for our Passover meal, I completely forgot it in the refrigerator. I found it a couple of weeks ago, and noticed that it was growing. So I found a pot in the garage, filled it with dirt, and planted the root. It has been growing nicely. I do not know anything about growing horseradish, I do not know when or how to harvest it. I will learn.

Since the horseradish root seemed to take off, my husband and I decided to buy a ginger root and see if we can get it to grow. In the last year I have bought ginger root several times and dried it and ground it. I also buy cinnamon sticks and cloves and grind them myself using an electric coffee grinder we got at a yard sale a couple years ago. Grinding my own spices is cheaper than buying them in the little jars in the spice aisle at the grocery store and it’s kind of fun. Anyway, I have never tried to grow ginger. I think it will be interesting and fun–and economical–to see if we can get it to grow. I found another plant pot in the garage yesterday, filled it with dirt, and planted the ginger. I put it on the front porch next to the horseradish.

I can see our cherry trees from the living room window and I have been watching the cherries get ripe. I wanted my husband to pick the cherries since he seems less bothered by mosquitoes, but his back has been hurting him greatly this week. So yesterday after I had cooked and cleaned and planted ginger root, I got on my hoodie, put the hood up, and went out and picked the cherries. I was swarmed by the mosquitoes, but I persevered until all the ripe cherries were picked. I am very courageous and determined. After I had retreated to the safety of the house, somewhat worse for wear, I pitted the cherries. Soon I will make some sort of delicious cherry dessert.

I wanted to research and make some mosquito traps and repellents yesterday, but I was tired after working in the kitchen all day so I put up my feet and relaxed instead.

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