Little Things Resolved…

When I began this blog, I was intending to write about my garden, but so far this summer I haven’t been out in the garden much! First there was lots of rain, then swarms of mosquitoes, and now we have high heat advisories. It is so hot and humid outside that EJ said his glasses immediately fogged up when he went outside last night. We have been spending a lot of time inside with the air conditioning.

EJ worked for hours yesterday to install the new water heater after the old one died. About 9 p.m. or so, he said he needed to buy a part at the hardware store. I could see that he was very tired and his back was hurting, so I suggested he quit for the night and finish up today. This morning he drove to the store for his part, and then spent several hours finishing up the water heater. We will have to wait for a while for the water to heat up, but the water heater is installed!

Usually I would have gone to the store with EJ (we enjoy driving and talking and being with each other), but I stayed home in case the repairmen came to fix our modem. After we got the new modem yesterday, our Internet worked for several hours but at 5:30 pm or so, we lost our connection again. After EJ left this morning, I called our telephone/cable company, and the woman said that there were internet problems in our village and the guys were working on it. They had the problem fixed by early afternoon. YAY! It is very difficult to not be able to do research or connect to friends on-line.

My Garden Path
My Garden Path

I did get outside in the garden for a little bit. A few years ago, I made a brick path through my garden and EJ’s garden. It looks kind of nice, although it’s sort of a bother pulling out the weeds that grow between the bricks. We don’t like to use chemicals so I pull the weeds out by hand. If I had to do it over, I probably would not have put in bricks, but would have just mowed a grass path. I decided to keep the bricks through my garden, which are more public and can be seen by passers-by, but to take out the bricks in EJ’s gardens. His garden has less need for brick paths and it’s a chore trying to keep all the bricks weed-free. Today, I began pulling up the bricks in his garden. I pulled up a about a dozen bricks before I got so hot that I went back inside. But, hey, at least I did something in the garden.

Instead of working in the garden, JJ and I worked to get him pre-registered for his classes at the community college. New Student Registration begins on Friday, but students can figure out and input their classes before then. I think when registration opens, JJ can just click a button and register his preferred classes rather than input them all that day. We struggled to figure out how to input JJ’s preferred classes on the website–this is all very new to us and we don’t really know what we are doing. Finally our frustration grew great enough that JJ called to ask the college how to do it. He said he felt really dumb asking for help, but I said that the college is used to helping students, and it’s better to ask for help then to miss out on classes because we didn’t know how to do it. Once the person at the college explained how to do it, it was very easy. The hardest part after that was choosing classes that wouldn’t conflict with each other. There is no guarantee that JJ will get these classes, but I really hope he can. His classes are not too early in the day and not too late in the day. I would worry about him driving home after dark in the winter.

JJ said he is nervous, but I think he’s also excited about attending college this autumn.


2 Comments on “Little Things Resolved…

  1. Lots of work to do outside, but the heat of the summer is here for a while. Have to get out and do most of my work after dinner.


    • This summer has been hot, hasn’t it? I’d love to get out in the mornings, but have to content myself with snatching a few minutes here and there when I can.


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