Hummingbird Moth

Last Sunday was raining, so EJ and I worked in the kitchen. We continued our project for several more days. EJ painted the trim, while I reorganized all the kitchen cupboards. The kitchen is looking nicer and nicer.

It feels so much like fall that I felt like doing fall things.

This morning JJ drove us to the community college he will be attending this fall. We drove to the college for two reasons: 1. To get his school books. 2. To help him learn the way there. After we got his books, we walked around the campus for a bit. It looks pretty nice.

This afternoon I worked in the garden. I weeded and also cut down a few small trees that were springing up out of nowhere. It seems to me sometimes that mostly gardening involves ripping out, cutting down, and fighting plants and insects that are threatening to take over. I have too much to do!

Hummingbird Moth
Hummingbird Moth
(Photo from The Greene Tomato)

As I worked in my garden, I was very, very thrilled to see a Hummingbird Moth sipping from my flowers. I think Hummingbird Moths are cool. At first glance, Hummingbird Moths can be mistaken for Hummingbirds because they are the same size and many of the characteristics of a Hummingbirds. I haven’t seen one for a long time.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the moth so I found one on the Internet.

I have Hummingbirds in my garden too. They are fun to watch.

2 Comments on “Hummingbird Moth

  1. How did you get the photo!!! Wonder what kind of a worm they turn into?


  2. I do try to share my own photos when I can, but I didn’t have my camera with me when I saw this moth in my garden, Sad to say, I am not that skilled at photography to capture such awesome images as in the photo. I got this photo from The Greene Tomato blog. I went back and added the source info to the photo. I will have to be more diligent at identifying photos.

    One thing I love about the Internet is that when I come across an interesting plant, insect, or animal, I have a world of information enabling me to learn more about it. Here are a few sites that I have found with info about the moth. The first site shows pictures of the larvae. Probably the moth could be identified as a garden pest, but I think it’s really cool and am glad to see it in my garden.


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