Thank You All!

We got to the hospital earlier than scheduled this morning, but as soon as we checked in the nurse said that Jared was a priority and they got him immediately prepped for the surgery without waiting for the scheduled time of his surgery. He went into surgery about an hour and a half before his scheduled time. As the nurses prepped him for surgery, he became a precious toddler in my eyes, small and vulnerable and defenseless.

Our greatest concern was that the cancer had spread. When the doctor met with us before surgery, he said that the CT scan was clear. We felt so relieved.

EJ’s sister and her son came to the hospital and sat with us while we waited. They were such a blessing. I also had friends texting me encouragement throughout. I love technology. I felt so encouraged and overwhelmed by the love and support of people  around the world who were praying for our son. Everyone was such a blessing to us, including those of you who read this blog.

When JJ was in recovery and we could rejoin him, the nurses told us he was an incredible young man. Later the doctor said that the surgery went very well. He sent the mass to pathology and should get a report back in 5-7 days.

JJ is now at home and doing quite well. He had a good attitude through it all and was very courageous. The nursing staff said he is a remarkable young man.

We have survived a parent’s greatest nightmare. Thank you again for all your support! You gave us strength!

8 Comments on “Thank You All!

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