The Very Big City

We got up before the sun did this morning to drive to the sperm bank in the Very Big City. This is JJ’s third trip there.

Traffic Jam
It was sort of like this

I can appreciate that Very Big Cities have wonderful museums, performing arts centers, libraries, international restaurants, zoos, and other marvels, all of which I think are amazing. However, I hate Very Big Cities. I hate people and buildings everywhere, and the frantic pace, and the aggressive attitudes, and the awful traffic. This morning there was an accident, which we never saw, somewhere ahead of us that caused traffic to back up for miles and miles. We and hundreds of thousands of others slowed to a crawl and sometimes to a stop. At one point, a  pickup started to move left into our lane. He almost sideswiped us. I sort of screamed. “Don’t ever, ever scream while I am driving,” EJ said. Yeah, right, how can a person not scream when she sees death approaching? A scream is not always a conscious act. All the time we were in the clutches of the Very Big City, I felt like this:

We're all gonna die!
We’re all gonna die!

We have only one more trip to the sperm bank in the Very Big City–on Thursday–and then maybe we will never have to go there again. I hope not. I am so completely a small town girl.

My guys curled up on couch and chair and napped as soon as we got home. I quickly prepared lunch and then also tried to nap, but I only slightly dozed.

Tomorrow we have to get up early again. JJ has surgery to put his port in at 9 a.m. EST. Tonight is going to be a long ordeal because he is dreading it so much. The drive to the hospital might also be an ordeal if we get the freezing rain that I’ve heard is possible. 


4 Comments on “The Very Big City

  1. Good luck to all in the morning. Is JJ going to name his port? I have a friend that named hers!


    • Cris, about 15 years ago I suffered from chronic sinus infections. I was sick so constantly that I named my sinus infection “‘Ebesneezer.” JJ says he will NOT be naming his port, however. We tell him instead that he’s plugging into the Matrix or becoming a cyborg.

      He could use prayer. Of all he has faced so far with this cancer, he’s having the most difficulty with the port..


  2. You are so brave Teri and Ej and JJ too. It is such a hard time. I would have screamed too for that matter. Wishing you His peace and comfort for the days to come. Love you Sis ❤


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