SOS Prayer

I try not to write more than one post a day, but there is an urgent need for prayer. Today when EJ went into work, he learned that a work friend was severely beaten up. She is in ICU and it is uncertain whether or not she will live.

Her name is Tammy. She needs all the prayers she can get.

Thank you!

8 Comments on “SOS Prayer

  1. Thank you, Simone. This is very distressing for EJ. I didn’t know Tammy, but it is distressing to me as well that anyone would beat a woman (or anyone) in this way.


  2. Thank you for the prayers for Tammy. EJ keeps learning more whenever he goes to work.

    Tammy was put in an induced coma until Friday. Her youngest son, who is in his hearly 20s beat her up, and when his girlfriend tried to intervene, he beat up her too. EJ did not know how badly the girlfriend was hurt. A concerned neighbor heard the fight at midnight and called the police, but the police didn’t arrive until the next afternoon. They found Tammy on the floor. It’s a wonder she is still alive..


  3. EJ wrote the following at FB:

    “I find myself pre-grieving her loss. Even if she lives I don’t think she’ll ever be able to come back. We’ve worked together for 15 years, at a company that is only 18 years old. She and I were the last in our department on our shift from the early days. We would sometimes share our lunches, or she’d bring me a tangerine or orange if she found some on sale. If I needed a pain pill or inhaler, and was out, she’d lend me one of hers, and vice-versa. When Teri and I first met her, she was a new person at work, up here from Tennessee on a temporary two-week visit, but of course she stayed. We’d often laugh about that. Things were tricky for her at first, so we helped her out with stuff when we could. She could be a pain to some people but never me, we watched out for each other.”

    I only met Tammy once. EJ is an caring person at work, encouraging them and helping them out.


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