Small Delights

I think last night was JJ’s roughest night so far. I can tell when he’s not feeling well because he is unable to settle down but paces around the house. Last night even the anti-nausea medicines didn’t seem to help him. At his request, we gathered around and prayed for him, and a short time later he laid down on the couch and fell asleep. However, today he is again not feeling well and is very restless. Poor boy.

I almost feel the most tired today than on all the previous days of the week. Maybe because we have to keep going on the other days, but on this day, when we don’t have to rush around, everything catches up to us and our bodies protest doing anything.  

Today is Shabbat, the day of rest, the day we look forward to every week. Usually we try to have all our chores and tasks and shopping done before this day so we can totally relax. We did get as many errands and shopping done yesterday that we could so we wouldn’t have to do them today. However, with JJ sick, there are things that must still be done to care for him and make him comfortable. We have to get done each day what needs to be done because we don’t know what new challenges tomorrow will bring. I think of Yeshua saying that Shabbat was made for man, as a gift, and that it is good to do good on the Shabbat. I think caring for JJ definitely falls into that category.

We have a Winter Weather Advisory in our area, and could get up to 9 inches of snow–although the amounts keep changing. This is the first snow of any significance that we’ve had this winter. It has been falling and falling all day, and it is still falling. I changed my blog’s header to a picture I took this morning. The previous header was from a few years ago.

This morning I walked through the beautiful falling snow to the post office for our mail. Sometimes there are nice little packages or cards for JJ that lift his spirits, so I like to get the mail every day, if possible. It was cold–only 15 degrees Fahrenheit. I could feel the cold making my nasal passages ache. Brrrr.

When I got home, I brought in firewood because we were too tired to do it last night and we were getting low. EJ helped me when he got dressed for the day. He offered to do it all, but I was feeling a bit grumpyish from over-tiredness and I just kept bringing it in.

I got all JJ’s clothes into the washer. His clothes NEED to be done every day. I might wait until tomorrow to wash EJ and my clothes. The new washer and dryer are such a tremendous gift to me during this time. I am thankful every time I do a load of laundry. Just thinking of not having the washer/dryer, of having to run every day to the laundromat to wash JJ’s clothes, makes me feel overwhelmingly exhausted.

I did the dishes. There weren’t many. I swept the floors, cleaned the litter boxes, and took out the garbage. EJ fed the pets.

In between all this is the need to care for JJ. I give him his anti-nausea pills at the proper time throughout the day and night. I have my phone alarm set to alert me when it’s time for a pill. He has to keep up on them or the nausea could overwhelm him. I keep his drinks (water, juice, boost) coming. He needs to keep hydrated. The cups with lids and the wrapped plastic silverware are a tremendous purchase. We don’t have to be concerned about running out and having to wash them, and don’t have to worry about the silly cats sipping from his cups. I feed JJ whenever he asks for food. We were told in Chemo class to not wait for mealtimes, but to feed him whenever he’s hungry.

I asked EJ to call in for a refill of JJ’s anti-nausea medications. I didn’t want us to run out. I checked this morning to see how many pills we had left, and there were only six of each. That’s enough to get us through until Monday morning, but only just, and I hate to be so close to running out because we don’t what could unexpectedly happen. So EJ called the pharmacy and then drove the ten miles to the next town to pick the medications up. I hated to have him drive on such a snowy Shabbat, but he is good at driving in bad weather and he took the four-wheel drive truck that our friends lent us. EJ said the drive was no big deal.

EJ also shoveled the sidewalks before he left.

In the midst of all the busyness and weariness, there are many moments of delights. For example, the falling snow is very beautiful. And this morning we all were able to sit and enjoy several different types of birds visit the bird feeders that I set up a week or so ago. We always whisper a shout, “Oh, oh! There’s a bird at the feeder!” when we see any birds.

And then there are the silly antics of our cats, which always makes us laugh. I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took of them this morning as they birdwatched and stole Luke’s Very Special Cat Food.

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6 Comments on “Small Delights

  1. Boy, it is so sad to hear that JJ is not feeling well. My parents are concerned for you guys. They wanted to tell you that they are praying for you. My mom said “it is so good that they have God to cling to.” She is right because without Him you know how horrible the journey would be. The roads are terrible Teri. I know Eric is seasoned winter driver, but they are so nasty. I am praying that the roads will be good when you have to get out again. (We are wanting to leave this winter wonderland and hope the roads improve so we can make our trip home again.) Big HUG! Love you!


  2. I was grateful that you didn’t have to be up and out so early this morning for JJ, and it’s no better tonight. We just got a call from a friend on Arch rd. that needs plowing out but if the snow keeps a coming we’ll have to do it tomorrow. We pray that your Shabbat evening will be filled with the presence of our Lord as we continue to lift you all up so you can have a peaceful night sleep, we love you guys.


  3. We love you all too.

    JJ could use extra prayer right now. It’s nothing that would require us calling the doctor, but it’s his worst day so far and he’s having trouble settling down.


  4. Dear Teri again on my early morning start I read your post and can feel how exhausted you all are. I did pray for you in my reading and praying time but will continue during the day. It is right now sundaymorning 7.30 in Holland. So the day is waiting and I hope you will have a quiet day when you start your first day of the week. And I do hope JJ isn’t feeling so very bad. Love your cats !!! love you all ❤


  5. Thank you, Sweet Simone. After a long miserable day, JJ was finally able to settle down and sleep. I believe it was due to the prayers of friends like you.


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