Cycle 3 Preparation

Yesterday we spent the day mostly resting. I say “mostly resting” because I did go to the bank because I had forgotten to get cash earlier. I hate to do business on Saturdays, but we need money for gas and food during this week of Chemo and we won’t be able to get to the bank with our busy Chemo schedule. I had a nice talk with LM at the bank. She asked about JJ and we talked about God giving us strength to deal with all this. She said that she thinks I am a very good writer and that my blog is an encouragement to families battling cancer. That was nice. It was a spirit-lifter to talk with her.

Today was our day to prepare for another week of intense Chemo. We have to get everything done that we need to do because we don’t have much time to run errands during the week of Chemo. So EJ and I went to the grocery store for a few things: We bought the juices JJ enjoys during Chemo, shampoo, pet food, and several other things. We also bought bird seed and a bird feeder. Those weren’t exactly necessities, other than that the birds lift our spirits, but there were major sales today so we got most of our purchases at reduced prices.

Next, we drove to the meat market. After an experience with an unsanitary meat market, we did research and selected this market because they raise their own beef, are very clean, and have won many awards. We bought 20 lbs of ground beef and some all- beef bologna which is very tasty.

After that, we drove to GFS Marketplace for some disposable cups and lids. We have found it’s very handy to use these cups during Chemo so that we can just throw them away rather than worry about washing lots of glasses when we are all tired.

It was very windy today. The wind blew and swirled the snow across the fields and into the roads. It was very beautiful although drifts were beginning to creep across the roads and that could be tricky later. At one point, we saw a squirrel straining to run across the road, but the wind was preventing his progress so that he was pretty much at a standstill. I had never seen such a thing before. We would have hit it except EJ slowed almost to a stop and the squirrel found the motivation and strength to finally overcome the wind and he made it across the road safely.

When we got home, EJ and I brought in the groceries. EJ put the leftover chili on the stove to heat, while I put groceries away. EJ ate and then he went to visit his family. His Mom is living with a sister and her family and he hasn’t seen them for a while. EJ has been so busy driving us places and then going to work that I encouraged him to go if he wanted to and wasn’t too tired. Sometimes it helps for a caregiver to get away. I didn’t go because I had too many preparations I wanted to make, and I didn’t want JJ to be home alone all day.

After EJ left, I poured birdseed into empty kitty litter buckets. I put all our pet food in emptied kitty litter buckets or the cats scratch the bags and tear holes in them. Not good. After I filled the buckets, I filled the new birdfeeder with seed and refilled the others and hung them on the feeder hook outside our large living room window. We are SO enjoying watching the birds. EJ says I have a “bird-feeding ministry.” LOL.

Then, since I had my coat and boots on, I refilled the outside cats’ food and water dish, I brought in the day’s supply of firewood, I took out the trash, and I scooped out the clumps from the litter boxes, which are on our unheated back porch. We have a pet door into the kitchen for them to use to get into the rest of the house.

Then I took off my coat and hat and mittens and boots and went to the kitchen. I divided the ground beef we had bought at the meat market into sandwich bags and put them into a heavier freezer bag and took them to the freezer in the basement. Each sandwich bag provides enough ground beef for a meal.

Then I started a load of laundry. I want to get as caught up on laundry as I can going into Cycle 3.

I made three pizzas–one large and two smaller. I really like this new pizza dough recipe I have found. The pizzas are very yummy. I layered the pizzas with sauce, cheese, hamburger and cut up all-beef bologna, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and green and black olives. Then I put more cheese on top. Yum. We all agree it is the best homemade pizza EVER. We demolished the big pizza, but we have the two smaller ones for leftovers tomorrow.

I washed the dishes. Swept the floors. Did more laundry. I probably did a few more things that I can’t remember right now.

I talked to a dear friend on the phone. I also had an utterly enjoyable philosophical, spiritual discussion with another friend. I truly enjoy such discussions with friends in which we discuss and debate topics of faith. With such friends, we are able to explore Scripture, ask questions, and challenge each other without worrying about saying the “wrong” thing. These discussions always feel like feasting to me.

I am tired after my busy day–almost too tired to think–but I think I’m mostly prepared for our very busy week. Tomorrow we have to be at the Cancer Center at 8:30 a.m. EST for a 6 hour day of Chemo. 

2 Comments on “Cycle 3 Preparation

  1. That sounds really as a very busy day ahead of the busy chemo week that will follow . Hope JJ will endure it and don;’t have to much side-efffects which make him more sick than he already is. Thank you Teri that you took the time in the midst of it all to ask how I am doing. That is highly appreciated 🙂 Love you all ((((hugs)))) and be blessed by our Heavenly Father……<3
    PS Love to see that you have a bird-feeding ministry I mean that is something almost nobody can say 😀 LOL


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