Last Week

The hawk sitting in a tree near the bird feeders
The hawk sitting in a tree near the bird feeders

Yesterday we had a relatively quiet morning. Well, except for the hawk. It twice tried to catch its breakfast at our bird feeder. The birds all were in a panic to get away and some of them sort of hit the window. The second time I saw the hawk sitting on the branch of a nearby camera. I grabbed my camera and was able to take one picture before it flew away. We googled the hawk to learn what kind it is, and our best guess is that it is a female Cooper’s hawk. I don’t like the hawk eating our song birds, but the hawk has to eat too and it sure is beautiful.

Sunday afternoon EJ and I went on a sort of date. We went to the store that is sort of like a farmer’s market and bought a few items. Mostly we went not because we really needed anything but because we wanted to get out and spend time together. EJ suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a sort of “winter blues” that happens during this time of year because of lack of sunshine. EJ used to have a full-spectrum light that mimics the light of sunshine but he gave it away to a friend who needed it more. So instead we just got out of the house for a while. We love driving around, and browsing through interesting stores, and just hanging out. While we were gone, JJ enjoyed his online friends and gaming.

We enjoy going to the market. There are a lot of interesting fruits and veggies, food and flowers there that we enjoy. Sometimes there is live music (but not yesterday) and we always get a cup of free coffee from the large selection of gourmet coffees they offer. I get overwhelmed by too many choices of coffee so EJ always has fun choosing my coffee for me. Yesterday he selected red velvet coffee, which was really yummy. Later we went to a sporting good store to browse and then to a grocery store to pick up a few items. It was fun.

When we got home, we put away the groceries, did our chores, and then watched Foley’s War, a series we have just discovered on Netflix. It is set during World War 2  and is very interesting.

Today JJ began his final week of Chemo. We had to be at the Cancer Center at 8:30 a.m. so we left home at 7:30 a.m. Because his third cycle was so rough, JJ was really dreading this week. He was sort of hoping that his white blood cell count would be too low for him to have Chemo this week, but they were high. That’s good because this is really his final week of Chemo. We are in the homestretch.

We were put in Infusion Room 3 today, which is a nice room with windows. It was a private room. The couple who I attended church with all through my childhood was also at the Cancer Center today. Their kids are about the same age as I am. I haven’t seen this couple for probably about 25 years or more. They were in the room next to ours, so I stopped in to talk to them for a while. The wife has Stage 4 breast cancer. She is halfway through her treatment, but she only has to have Chemo one day a month, which is why we haven’t encountered them before.

We are used to the beeping of IV machines and the beeping of the call buttons, but today at noon there was a different sort of beeping and lights started flashing from the ceilings. A nurse told us that it was a fire drill as she shut our door, but we heard a fire engine siren a few minutes later. Later a nurse said that the fire alarm had gone off and they were waiting for the fire department to give them the “all clear.” Meanwhile, they shut all the Infusion Room doors. So we had a bit of excitement today.

Just before we left the Cancer Center, it started to snow. The weather forecasts seem to vary a bit, but it looks as if we could get 3-5 inches of snow. Hopefully that won’t might our drive to the Cancer Center too difficult.

In previous cycles JJ has pretty felt well until midweek, but tonight he complained of nausea and he lay down and fell asleep, so I think this is going to be a long week for him. However, this is HIS VERY LAST WEEK of Chemo. He has only four more days to go.



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  1. Happy that it is his last week and I do hope and pray that the follow up will be not to difficult in choosing for the operation and all. (((hugs))))) ❤


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