It’s nice to have a week without any Chemo.

Yesterday morning I went to the grocery story in a nearby town to pick up a few things. I was really surprised to see employees busy in every aisle. At first I thought they were doing inventory, but then I realized that they were pulling items off the shelves and whole shelves were empty. I asked an employee what they were doing, and she told me that they were extending the shelving and rearranging the store. It was very difficult to do shopping with employees and customers crowding the aisles and so few items available on the shelves. EJ stopped at the same store on his way home and he was told that the store was going to sell more organic foods. I look forward to that.

While I was at the store, EJ fixed lunch. It was mostly ready by the time I got home. It’s nice to have a husband who enjoys cooking.

Last week the temperatures were in the 40s so some of the snow melted into slushy pools. Then the temps got cold again and everything froze. Now the sidewalks are very icy and treacherous to walk on. Tonight the temps are supposed to get even colder–down to 4 degrees tonight and -9 tomorrow. There is a winter advisory out that warns that the weather will become hazardous with around an inch of new snow, wind gusts of 30-35 mph causing blowing snow, and wind chills to 20 below zero. Brrrr.

Today the skies were blue, but I saw a rainbow. There most be ice crystals in the atmosphere. I tried to take a picture of the rainbow, but it didn’t show up in the photographs.

After weeks sitting for hours and days at the cancer center, I am determined to get back in shape. I have been walking Danny every day and EJ joins us whenever we can. Danny loves to be walking again and dances around when he sees me get the leash. The cold makes my face burn as we walk, but it feels really good. When the weather gets warmer, we hope to take longer walks together.

In the afternoons I have been making myself get on the treadmill. My friend in Texas also wants to exercise so we talk to each other on the phone while we both huff and puff on our treadmills and groan that we are going to die. It’s nice to be able to exercise together, even if we are in different states, because we encourage and motivate each other to keep going.


JJ is still not feeling well, but he is feeling better every day.

5 Comments on “Exercise

  1. When I get back from vacation, I too will be sweating it out on the elliptical. ;). Enjoy your exercising….you will probably sleep better too. 🙂


  2. It is really nice that you have a quiet week without running of to the Center for the chemo. And I’m glad that JJ is feeling better every day a little bit. I know that treadmill I walk on it at the physical Therapist and do some cycling, and pull things up and down two times a week and if it goes well three times a week. So I know how hard it can be, but the good thing is it will be better every day. We didn’t have any winter at all tomorrow is the last day of the meteorological winter and we just slide into the spring here. But since we had not any bad times we can have a very hot summer you’ll never know….And you maybe will have a lovely one….Still praying Teri and hugs for you all…..≤3


  3. Simone, we haven’t had a winter like this in years. I really have enjoyed it, although I’m glad I didn’t have to drive in it!!!! I would much rather have cold than heat because the heat melts me like a snowman. I am hoping this summer is not unbearably hot.

    I think exercising on equipment is difficult and boring. I’d much rather walk my dog and enjoy the scenery. One summer–maybe ten years ago–I walked my Danny and Jake, our other dog (who has since died) for long distances. I started out walk a mile…then two…then three…and by the end of the summer I was able to walk to the next town. The farthest distance I walked was 12 miles. That’s a story that maybe I will tell sometime. It was awesome. But I don’t have the time or endurance to walk that far anymore–and Danny is getting too old as well.


  4. Life is sure a journey and growing up that is all we did, my folks never got a car til I was almost 10, so walking is in m blood but even this winter has been a challenge, so I am grateful for my treadmill. Have learned to read and walk with my Kindle and time really flies.
    So glad you have the beauty and nature around your home, that brings much pleasure. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
    Love, Linda


  5. Well Teri I do agree walking outside is much more fun. However I have to do this first to do that. Because of my two hip replacements Iam not walking good and just not long. So I have to change that and than I’m been able to walk outside more and more and I loved that always. Maybe just maybe I will have a dog again in the future and walk with her. I love to hear your story about the 12 miles…..Love you. ❤


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