Yesterday went by in a blur. We made it through the whole winter without getting sick, but yesterday, March 1st, both EJ and I were sick with swimmy, achy heads, coughs, sneezes, and aches. We felt awful, so we didn’t do much. Hopefully JJ will not get sick. I am more concerned about him because Chemo lowered his resistance to illness.

Today EJ and I work feeling much better. I am still coughing and blowing my nose, but my head isn’t swimmy. We decided to the farm market-ish store and get some bird seed because we were almost out. The birds eat like pigs. There were several types of bird seed to choose from. We bought a 15 lb bag of fruit and nuts and a 40 lb bag of assorted seed. We couldn’t see what sorts of seeds were in the bags and I was a little disappointed that the 40 lb bad had more corn and nuts in it and fewer smaller seeds. I hope our regular birds like it. EJ says birds of one type or another will be drawn to it. I think next time I will get a bag that has more of the smaller seeds in it.

After we bought the seeds, we went to the grocery store. I had planned to get only a few items, but we ended up filling the cart. EJ and I have always grocery shopped together and we have a lot of fun doing it. It always seems more like a date than a chore. We found ourselves in the garden aisle, and we bought seeds and garden gloves even though there is still a lot of snow on the ground. In fact, we got 4-5 more inches of new snow overnight. But in March we begin to dream of spring.

I also got another cilantro plant. The cats chewed on the other one I bought and I am not sure it is going to live. I also bought a parsley plant so we can have fresh parsley for Passover. I am putting these plants in the kitchen window so maybe the cats will leave them alone.

As we were shopping, I got a text from JJ asking us to stop and get Chinese food. Since I had a gift certificate from a dear friend, I called to order meals from the Chinese restaurant and we pick them up on the way home.

When we got home, EJ and I carried the groceries into the house. I put the foods that required refrigeration away and then we stopped and ate our Chinese food. Afterwards I finished putting all the groceries away, then swept and mopped the floors.

It was a fun day.


One Comment on “Sunday

  1. Well you deserved a fun day Teri with everything going on. And it is fun to do shopping together……Hope that JJ will not get sick. And happy that you are getting well again. Here spring is coming and that’s easy since we didn’t had any winter at all. This week it will be 14* C. and that is unusual for our country too……love you ❤


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