EJ and I have battled wooziness, congestion, and a cough all week. I’ve been concerned that JJ would get sick as well because of his weakened immune system. He has struggled with some lingering effects of Chemo, but he doesn’t seem to be coming down with our sickness.

On Wednesday Eric got a reminder from our doctor’s office that his annual physical was on Friday. Physicals are scheduled months in advance, and with JJ’s cancer and all, we had forgotten all about it. EJ needed to have his blood drawn on Thursday so rather than return to the lab again on Friday for JJ, we decided to have them both get their blood drawn on Thursday. This way, JJ didn’t have to accompany us to the doctor’s where he could be exposed to who knows what viruses and germs. I went along with EJ to keep him to company, remind him of what to tell the doctor, and to help him remember what the doctor told him.

After EJ went to work, I walked to the post office for our mail and then went to the library to see if any new videos were available to borrow. It was very sunny and warm today. The highs were in the lower 40’s and the snow began to melt into drips off the roof and puddles on the sidewalks. We still have a lot of snow on the ground and mountains piled high along streets and at the edges of parking lots, but it now feels as if Spring is a possibility.

After I returned from the post office and library, I took Danny for a walk. It was so warm that I left my mittens at home and after a bit I unzipped my coat. We took our regular route but rather than go home, we kept going past our house and walked to the telephone  company to drop our payment in the drop box outside the building. Danny loved his walk but he didn’t like walking in the puddles and kept trying to avoid them.

Later this afternoon I got a call from the office of the surgeon in Indianapolis who will do the surgery to remove the lymph node in JJ’s back. The woman I talked to said they had waited to call until they received JJ’s medical file and CT Scan films from his oncologist. She will now schedule his appointment and get back with me. The surgery will probably take place at the end of March or beginning of April, so it is fast approaching. At least it won’t be until after JJ’s 19th birthday, which is March 21st. I thought it would have really stunk if JJ was in the hospital on his birthday.

In some ways it is nice to finally get moving on the surgery. The sooner we get it over with, the sooner JJ can recover and get on with his life. However, it also makes me feel nervous because it is a very major surgery. The cancerous lymph node the surgeon will remove is located between JJ’s lungs and his spine. The incision will be made in the front of JJ’s body and the surgeon will have to move aside organs and stuff. If the surgeon is not skilled, he could cut a nerve in JJ’s spine and JJ could suffer paralyzation or other terrible things. Fortunately, JJ’s oncologist said this surgeon is the best in the world which is why he is sending JJ to him. He said he could have chosen someone local to do the surgery, but he’d rather have a surgeon who does this type of surgery 3-4 times a day instead of 3-4 times a year. It is comforting to know that this surgeon is “recognized as a world authority on the surgical management of testicular cancer.” But, still, this is my little boy we are talking about, and I won’t rest easy until JJ recovers from the surgery without harm.

After the surgery, JJ will remain in the hospital for 4-5 days.


One Comment on “Surgery

  1. So much together, I can feel you as a mom struggling over your child who is almost 19 but still your little boy and I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for parents to go through this. And on the other hand your happy feeling of spring is coming and a new season is almost arrived. All that is not really fitting like a jig-saw puzzle. But Teri I’m sure as I do a lot of people are praying for JJ. And let us hope that when Pesach will be there this is all behind the three of you with good result. That’s what Im praying for. Love you and Shabbat Shalom ❤


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