Wednesday in Indianapolis

I usually try to write no more than once each day, but I have nonFacebook friends who are reading this blog to get updates on JJ so I hope you all can be patient with more frequent posts this week.

JJ’s breathing got better over the day so he was able to get the stronger medication for his spasms. JJ was also able to get rid of the oxygen tube in his nose and he was able to drink clear liquids, including juices, broth, and jello.

JJ has sat in a chair twice today and is supposed to also sit for a third time. The first time was particularly hard for him–hard to get into a sitting position and lie back down again because his abdomen is so painful. Two patient care techs and a nurse helped him move from bed to chair and back again later. They let him move as slowly as he wanted. He was light-headed, faint, and nauseous. The second time didn’t seem quite as bad (although I’m not sure JJ would agree). He didn’t get “faint-ish” or nauseous until the end. I’m sure the third time will be better still. He has to sit up for at least a half hour each time to prevent blot clots, pneumonia, and also to work his abdominal muscles.

The hoodie we bought JJ
The hoodie we bought JJ

After JJ had successfully sat up the first time and was back in bed again, EJ and I dashed back to the hotel room to shower and change clothes. It made me feel human again. We packed a change of clothing for ourselves for tomorrow and I also packed soft, loose clothing for JJ to wear when he is discharged on Friday. We also stopped at one of the hospital gift shops and bought JJ a hoodie as a gift. I wanted a shirt that said “Cancer Survivor ” on it, but they didn’t have any of them in the gift shop so we got him the hoodie. We are considering also getting him a hat that says “Cancer Sucks.” It describes cancer quite accurately.  (A couple of friends have asked for info so they can by JJ a gift from the gift shop. If any friend would like to buy him a gift, email me and I will get you the phone number.)

It is my belief that everyone has an interesting story. Because of this, we enjoy chatting with the medical staff.  One of the Patient Care Techs today asked where we were from. When we told her “Michigan,” she said that she grew up in Indianapolis but has relatives in Michigan. So we talked about where her relatives lived and the beauty of Michigan, and all that. Then she told us that she always likes to ask people where they are from because she has cared for people from all over the world, including Australia and Iceland. She said that she has even cared for a prince from India! That is very interesting. The nurse yesterday said she had cared for someone from Israel and also Pakistan.

This was where board meetings were held. The door leads into the hallway. JJ's room is through the doorway at the right.
This was where board meetings were held. The door leads into the hallway. JJ’s room is through the doorway at the right.

JJ’s room is part of a suite. As a person enters from the hall, they enter what looks like it was a sitting room. It is mostly bare now with just a few pieces of furniture in it. EJ and I ate our lunch at the small table today while JJ slept. JJ’s room is off this larger room. EJ asked a nurse what the purpose of this other room was, and she told us that it used to be a board room with a large table in it. When rich businessmen were ill, their bed would be in the room that JJ is in and they’d have business meetings in board room. We thought that was interesting.

Three doctors visited JJ this afternoon to check his incision, etc. They said that tomorrow will be a big day for him: He will get to eat solid foods, he will get rid of the catheter, and he will get to walk. I don’t think he’s too thrilled about having to walk, but that is also an important step in his recovery. I think the doctors might remove the staples in his abdomen too. I can’t remember. It’s a big day, but will also probably be a rather difficult day because his abdomen is so painful.

About 6 p.m. I layed down on the couch and took a nap. EJ and I plan to take turns sleeping on the couch. The one not sleeping on the couch attends to JJ or dozes in a chair. We aren’t getting lots of sleep, but we are getting adequate sleep.

Tomorrow there are supposed to be severe storms in this area. That should be interesting.

One Comment on “Wednesday in Indianapolis

  1. Poor JJ this is really hard having so much pain and still been ordered to get out of that bed!!! How lovely people are the only thing you like to do is still be ín that bed and not bothered with anything I know that so well. But I hope every day will give him more strength. But it is so wonderful that he has you both by his side and what lovely parents you are. I’ll pray for this important day today………Love you all ❤


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