Thursday in Indianapolis – Part 2

After a rough start, JJ had a great day. I can’t believe how rapidly he is improving and strengthening. It’s amazing.

JJ is now unhook from everything: IV, catheter, oxygen, everything. He is now only connected to one thing: His computer.

After the doctor removed JJ’s dressing this morning, he said JJ could now eat solid foods. He said JJ’s appetite likely won’t fully return for another month or so, and JJ will probably eat a few bites of food and then not be hungry. He said this was normal and JJ should listen to his body and eat when he feels hungry and stop eating when he doesn’t.

At about 9:30 a.m., JJ went on his first walk. He wasn’t sure he could make it but the Patient Care Tech who helped him encouraged him to at least try to make it to the door and back. He made it to the door, passed an intersecting corridor, turned left at the next corridor, down a parallel hallway, a left turn and back to his room in the corner. It was an incredible first walk. I felt as proud of him as if he were a toddler taking his first steps ever. A few hours later, JJ took another longer walk. He seemed much more confident and stronger on the second walk.

The surgeon stopped by JJ’s room to tell us about the pathology report. He said that there had been teratoma cancer cells in the lymph node. They are dangerous so it’s a good thing he had the lymph node removed. They got it all and he sees JJ having a long life. Of course, doctors will keep an eye on JJ over the next few years to make sure he is ok, but the news was great.

In the early afternoon, JJ asked for his laptop. I cleared off his table so he could have the computer in front of him. He has been enjoying connecting to Internet friends. (I had been using JJ’s computer but now I am sharing EJ’s.)

About mid-afternoon EJ and I dashed back to the hotel to shower again. There is a shower in JJ’s hospital bathroom, but a problem was found in the hospital’s water so although they say it’s safe to wash our hands, we can’t drink, shower, wash our face, or brush our teeth with the hospital water until they are given the “all clear.” They don’t know when that will be so once a day we dash back to the hotel.

When we arrived back at the hospital today, we stopped at the cafeteria and bought supper. I chose the healthiest thing I could find. All these months of sitting in Chemo/hospital rooms, little exercise, and restaurant food has caused me to gain weight. Bleagh. One of my goals when we get home is to lose weight and get in shape. I don’t want to see more restaurant food for at least a year. Maybe two.

When we got back to JJ’s hospital room, he was GONE! It was kind of a surprise because I wasn’t expecting his bed to be empty. He was off on another walk with a Patient Care Tech. This walk, or so I hear, was even longer than the other two.

We had a lot of rain this morning and more is on the way. Back home, our area had some freezing rain. I’d rather have the rain.

Here are pictures from today:

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2 Comments on “Thursday in Indianapolis – Part 2

  1. What great news is this JJ will recover completely I’m so happy for you all. And I can understand what happiness this is for you all. This morning I ordered the Tshirt and it is on his way to JJ. Take care Teri and it will be great to eat home cooked meals and do some exercise in the spring and the summer. We are all to skip winter and all the terrible journeys to the Cancercentre the chemo and as last piece this operation. New life is beginning it is spring time JJ starts living all over now and we all do too. Love you ❤


  2. Such good news from this journey of faith and prayers, and the good Lord continues healing and strengthening JJ and all of you dad and mom. May you enjoy rest and peace in the days ahead, you have our prayers, love ya


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