Squirrels, Mosquitoes, and Stuff

Oh, my goodness, it’s been a week since I have written. I didn’t realize it had been that long. We have all been tired and unmotivated this week. JJ said it’s been really hitting him that he had CANCER and that he could have died from it.

Besides planting various vegetable and fruit plants last week, EJ planted some vegetable seeds. I am not sure exactly what he planted. I forgot to ask. Oops. Last week we had days of sunshine mingled with days of rain. I was glad for the rainy days that gave our “crops” deep drinks to quench their thirst.

I checked the other birdhouse to make sure it was empty, and then I moved it a few feet away from the blue birdhouse. I’m hoping to move the birdhouses far enough away from each other that the sparrows don’t have turf wards. I am not really sure how far apart I should place them. I suppose I should do research but I keep forgetting. I saw a wren singing on top of the birdhouse in its new location, but the sparrows always seem to chase the wrens away from the houses. Poor wrens.

I bought a bag of fruit and nut bird food last week and put it in the big tray feeder near the pine tree. The nuts enticed a squirrel. He (or she) eyed it for a few days and then learned how to access it so the tray has become a squirrel feeder. I decided that rather than battle “nuisance” birds or squirrels, I’d consider them all part of the community and let whoever comes enjoy the food. At least I will do this unless my feeders attract birds like in Alfred Hitchcock’s old movie “The Birds” or huge populations of squirrels invade or something. If my yard becomes a horror-movie type setting then I will definitely make changes and fight back.

MosquitoesOne horror-esque thing in my garden are the mosquitoes. They swarm me whenever I go outside, making working in the garden more of an ordeal. Consequently, I didn’t work in the garden much last week. I can wear long sleeves and gloves to protect my body but then they go for my face. So I sent away for a insect bug net to protect my head. It should arrive in a few days. It cost less than $5. I hope it works….

The peonies in my peony garden are beginning to bloom. I think they are such beautiful flowers. My wild rose bush (at least, I think that’s what it is) is blooming too. It has beautifully fragrant little flowers.

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3 Comments on “Squirrels, Mosquitoes, and Stuff

  1. You lucky girl you have peonies!!!!! We have to buy them in the flowershop to enjoy them…….But I’m so sorry about the mosquitos that is really horrible. Is that every year the same or just this year so bad??? We have really warm weather and expecting as the weatherman said , real American weather tonight with rain storm and hail. So I don’t know what to expect. The only thing I can and will do is try to protect my plants but I have to wait and see…… I can understand that JJ is beginning to realize how narrow the path has been were he has walked on. And it could have been so different. Thank you Abba Father for healing JJ and I pray he will have an abundant life in Your presence. Love your garden Teri it is really beautiful…….only those tiny horrible mosquitos hopefully the wind change and they will be gone away….Love you ❤


  2. The mosquitoes are always bad where I live. Michigan has a lot of trees and lakes and I wonder if the mosquitoes particularly enjoy such terrain. Maybe we should try to do something to attract mosquito-eating wildlife, huh?

    So do you not usually have terrible storms and hail where you live, Simone? What is your weather usually like?


  3. WellI think that is a wonderful idea let people come over and watch the mosquito wildlife and you can have a resort with bunches of the ugly beasts and people will actually PAY you to see them and study the life of the mosquito…
    Wel we have sometimes bad weather wind rain an hail but not as we have it it this year. It seems that everything is changing. We had some bad winters with a lot of snow and ice and cold. THis year it was like autumn went right into spring, Not any snow or ice. But we have now this kind of storms and such heavy rain that near the border 6 people were killed by it and that is not normal for our neck of the woods. The hail stones were as big as tennis balls . A lot of damage on cars trees and gardens and houses. We are living in the end days that’s for sure. And we will have as they say have more of those terrifying days. But as a big wonder, the place were I live is often spared and nearby towns has really bad weather and we are kind of sliding in between. Our summers were always normal with 20* rain and sun. But we just had 3 days of 30*C and to hot to do anything. And we can have rainy summers and warm springs or the other way around. Autumn can be beautiful not very warm but looking beautiful if it is sunny and also rain and storm. But not that heavy as we had now. Today it will be not so very warm and that’s is okay with me ❤


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