JJ’s Soap

I was surprised when I came downstairs this morning that both my guys were already awake and up. EJ is often up before I am but JJ stays up until the wee hours of the morning so he often sleeps until early or mid-afternoon. He said he went to bed at 1 a.m. last night and he woke at about 3 a.m. and had been awake ever since.

We got ourselves dressed, had a good breakfast, and then drove off to the cancer center for JJ to get his port flushed. As we sat in the waiting room, it felt as if time went backwards to when JJ was getting chemo every day. JJ and I joked and he said he saw smiles on some of the other people’s faces.

JJ really dreaded getting “poked” again, but he handled it as courageously as he has everything else. The medical staff greeted him very warmly, gave him hugs, and admired his hair and beard. One oncology nurse said that she felt panicked when she saw JJ’s name on the roster, fearing that he was back for more Chemo, but she relaxed when she saw that he was coming only to get his port flushed. The oncology really do care about those they take care of.

Before we left for the Cancer Center this morning. we had discussed what to have for lunch, but when we got home, we all craved sleep more than food. EJ hadn’t sleep all that well last night either, and neither had I. EJ’s back hurt so he wasn’t able to nap, I sort of half dozed, and JJ slept deeply for several hours.

After EJ left for work, I took Danny for his daily walk and then mowed the lawn. It was rather pleasant because the temperatures were cool. Last night the temp fell to 45 degrees and today’s high was in the mid-60s. I love the cooler temps.

The Sparrow singing, "This house is now MY house."
The Sparrow singing, “This house is now MY house.”

All yesterday I watched a wren build his nest in the birdhouse outside the livingroom window, but I noticed that a sparrow had kicked the wren out and taken over his nest. I like the sparrows but feel very sorrow about the poor wrens. I will need to get a birdhouse with a hole too small for a sparrow to enter so the wrens don’t keep getting kicked out.

Jared - in honor of a brave young man who has fought a cancer.... Scented with Vanilla Bean Noel. One of these will be making its way to Jared very shortly!
“In honor of a brave young man who has fought a cancer…. Scented with Vanilla Bean Noel….”

One of my friends makes and sells beautiful soaps through her website called “A Touch of Eden.” A few months ago, she said that she has several friends who have had various types of cancer and she wanted to honor their battles by making a unique soap for each of them and naming it in their honor. She sends each of them one of the bars of soap as a gift. I think that is incredibly sweet. Yesterday she posted that she had made JJ’s soap.  I think the soap is absolutely gorgeous.

One Comment on “JJ’s Soap

  1. What a very beautiful thought that she made special soap for JJ. Must be really great to have that. If I would live over there I would definitely bought some. Love the sparrow who is proudly sitting on top of the birdhouse looking like I’m the king….Sorry wren……
    Love you Teri ❤


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