Times Two

This has been a busy week, relatively speaking.

Sunday afternoon EJ and I went grocery shopping. We have always gone shopping together. Going together makes grocery shopping more fun and less of a chore. We enjoy being together and with both of us adding to the cart, it takes less time. EJ is not the type of husband who comes home with snacks and no food.

Sundays are the best time for us to shop, especially if EJ doesn’t have to go to work later. However, we have to be careful not to go right after church is over because then the store is full of women wearing perfume and EJ is allergic to it. Unless a person is allergic to perfume–or is close to someone who is–I don’t think they consider how much of a problem perfume can be. I often think how good it is that EJ married me because I never got in the habit of wearing perfume. I had perfume when I was a child–usually it was given to me as gifts–but I kept forgetting to put it on. Our house was old and there were heat registers in only three of the seven rooms upstairs. My bedroom was the furthest from the heat so on winter mornings I’d grab my clothes and get dressed downstairs where it was warmer. More times than not I’d remember later, “Oh, I forgot to put on perfume!” but I never wanted to go back upstairs to put it on. Hence, no perfume habit to break.

Anyway, we went shopping later in the afternoon on Sunday so we were able to avoid most of the perfumed church ladies.

Monday is sort of a fog. I think it rained most of the day. JJ told me he had a growth under his arm that he was worried about. It had grown and was becoming irritating. I told him I thought it was a skin tag, which is not dangerous or anything, but he was worried it might be a cancerous growth and asked me to call the doctor for an appointment. He reminded me of it the next morning so after he went to bed (he was up all night and went to bed about 8 a.m.), I called our family doctor. The receptionist told me there was an opening that morning. I woke JJ and told him he had 20 minutes to get ready. He exclaimed, “ACK! When I asked you to make a doctor’s appointment, I didn’t mean TODAY!” but I told him that I work FAST and we might as well get him in so he can be reassured. I drove him to the doctor’s office (an hour trip), and she confirmed that it was just a skin tag and not dangerous. She compassionately snipped it off so it would stop irritating him. When we got home, JJ was exhausted from no sleep so he went to bed and slept most of the day. And then was awake all night. And went to bed this morning at about 8:30 a.m. His days and nights are all messed up.

This morning EJ had an appointment with the same doctor. It was just a followup to see how he is reacting to his new medication and all. I went with him to help him remember what the doctor said and also to tattle on him when necessary. He always downplays his problems. I told the doctor that EJ has suffered a lot of back pain this summer. The doctor said that there is no magic cure for back pain, but it would be helpful for EJ to exercise every day. I said, a bit self-righteously, that I walk my dog EVERY day. The doctor said EJ needed to go with me. Even though he is tired and in pain, she urged him to walk with me for a month before he gave up because after a bit he’d notice that it would help him and he’d feel better.

Both the nurse and doctor laughed to see me back the second time in two days. I announced that I would NOT be back tomorrow.

After we got home and ate lunch, EJ went on a walk with Danny and me.

From left to right, Luke, Timmy, and Little Bear in the window.
From left to right, Luke, Timmy, and Little Bear in the window.

We have one of those expandable screens in our living room window. After we got back, we were sitting in the living room and EJ suddenly saw that the screen had been slid open and our cat Timmy was standing in the opening getting ready to jump out. EJ rescued him and we reclosed the screen, relieved that we had prevented the indoor cat from getting outside. Later, we were in the kitchen and heard meowing outside. EJ looked out and saw Little Bear outside! Apparently, he had escaped before we spotted Timmy. I enticed Little Bear to me and brought him inside. He promptly went back to the living room window and examined it to see if he could jump out again so I closed the window. Later he escaped through a door that wasn’t tightly latched, and I had to catch him again. He’s had a taste of the wild outdoors so he’s going to have to be watched now.

After EJ left for work, I spent some time debating whether to mow the lawn today or tomorrow. I decided that I might as well get it done, so I went out and mowed it. The day is cool-ish so it was pleasant mowing the lawn–and now it looks very nice.


5 Comments on “Times Two

  1. Nice to have life settle into a somewhat peaceful pattern and all the joy that nature and the pets bring to us is just wonderful, say hi to the men and you are in our thoughts and prayers,
    love ya,


    • I hope you and Bob have had a peaceful summer, Linda! I will tell my guys that you said hi! Love to you both!


  2. Happy to read about your more peaceful life Teri. And O my I’m a perfume person using it every day 😦 And don’t feel dressed without it…..As when I’m staying in I don;t always wear make-up but I do when I go out otherwise I feel like missing something. Well in my case I have to make something of myself these days 🙂 Love you all ❤


  3. Good to read your post again. I am not sure how I lost you, but I have changed some settings on my blog and must have hit a wrong button. Isn’t technology wonderful. Glad you were not back at the Dr. for yourself the next day. I kept waiting for that to show up in your story. Here is wishing you all a great and healthy week.


    • I am so glad you didn’t stay lost, Lucindalines!

      At the end of EJ’s appointment, I told the doctor that I wouldn’t be coming back a third day. LOL.


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