Autumn Organization

I have been busy over the last few days.

A barn destroyed by Friday's storm.
A barn destroyed by Friday’s storm.

Sunday morning EJ and I bought our tenth load of firewood. We considered–briefly–buying another load, but decided we were too, too tired. We parked the truck–with the wood still in it–and went grocery shopping. On the way to the grocery store, we passed a barn that had been destroyed by the storm. It had debris scattered along the road for quite some ways. I could only take this quick picture as we drove past because there was a car behind us. This barn was only a few miles from our house. I am so glad these destructive storm totally missed us! On our way home from shopping we drove through the damaged town. There were downed trees and branches all over, some of them were quite large. Here is a picture of taken at park in the town:

Storm damage Photo by Helen R. Broom
Storm damage
Photo by Helen R. Broom
I reorganized our pantry.
I reorganized our pantry.

Yesterday we began cleaning out and organizing the kitchen food cupboards. We discarded food that got pushed to the back of the shelves and is now too old. We sorted food that we will donate to a food pantry because we have changed some of our food habits in recent years) or which was too old. I found new containers for some food–like dry beans and herbs–and I made sure everything was labeled. I rearranged everything so foods we use more often are at eye level.

The weather reports warned that we could have severe storms today with dangerous hail, damaging wind, and a possibility of tornadoes. There was talk that it could be even worse than the storms on Friday. Instead, we had non-threatening rain all day. I’m glad. I don’t want to have to deal with power outages or storm damage.

The rainy day made it a good time to continue reorganize. I mostly finished the pantry today. Then I cleaned out the fridge, which involved getting rid of old food and washing all the shelves. I also got a good start cleaning out the media closet, which is a small closet in the living room located in the empty space under the stairs. It’s rather small and cramped, but has been great for storing out videos and DVDs. Since we no longer have a video-player, I dragged out all the videos and put them in bags to donate. I kept the DVDs. I also will sort through the homeschool stuff, which we no longer need and the organize the closet the way that I want.

There is something about autumn that makes me feel like organizing. I only spontaneously decided to organize the pantry and it has spread to the refrigerator, living room, media closet. Who knows where it will end?

But right now I am tired and my feet hurt. I will spend the rest of the evening resting.


2 Comments on “Autumn Organization

  1. Well Teri you are suffering a thing my grandma called autumn cleaning. 50 years ago every nice and tidy housewife cleaned out their homes in the spring after the dark winter and in the autumn after the hot summer. So that virus is still among us. I suffer also and been busy organizing cleaning and feeling like a squirrel making do before the storms and the cold and the winter kicks in. So you are really normal and my grandma would be proud of you and me….. Love the story. And she is right it feels soooo good.
    ❤ Love you Sis.


    • Now, whenever I clean in the spring or autumn, I will think “Simone’s Grandmother would be so proud of me!”

      Thank you for sharing this story about your grandmother. I love to hear grandmother stories and quotes. They are always so much fun. A friend shared her Jewish grandmother’s latke recipe with me and also wrote, “Grandma’s card says that when you make them, some people will behave like they haven’t eaten in years. ‘And when you are cooking for people who enjoy them so much you won’t mind grating potatoes all day long. ho ho!’ she says. I kept that quote as part of the recipe because it’s so much fun to read.


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