Afternoon Rains

EJ was “on call” this weekend, which meant that he didn’t have to go to work unless there was a problem that required his presence. If he is called in, he only has to be there until the problem is fixed and then he can leave. Sunday is almost over and he was not called in so he was able to have a mostly quiet and restful weekend.

It rained both days this weekend, which doesn’t bother us because rainy days are cozy. Yesterday it was quite warm and the weather was stormy. We got a few rumbles of thunder, but the worst of the storms missed us–as they often do.

Yesterday I was doing dishes when I noticed that the late afternoon sunlight was rather yellowish so I went outside to see if there was a rainbow. I found a rainbow, called to EJ and JJ to come see–EJ did but JJ was busy–and then I took pictures 0f it. We live right in town and houses and trees block our view, so I walked down the street to get a clearer view of it but by the time I reached open skies, the rainbow had pretty much faded. I was in such a rush that I didn’t wait for EJ, but he caught up with me and we walked to the other end of town to enjoy an unhindered view of the sunset. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

This morning it was rather warm so EJ opened all the windows downstairs. Shortly afterwards, the rain moved in and the temperatures grew cooler so I went and closed all the windows. I debated building a fire in the wood stove, but it was not quite cold enough. The wood stove warms our house so well that a fire would have made it too hot. So I put on a sweater and a blanket and I was fine.

It rained most of the day, sometimes quite hard. At twilight the rain stopped (at least for a while) so EJ, Danny, and I went for a walk to watch the chimney swifts dive into the old school apartments. After the last of the swifts had disappeared, we took Danny for a walk on his regular route. It was quite chilly out–almost too chilly even in our sweatshirts, but it felt good too.




6 Comments on “Afternoon Rains

  1. Beautiful pictures and I can see you sitting nice and cozy indoors and enjoying the rain outside. We are going to have more autumn like weather after a very warm month of september and I’m glad that it will; be cooler. See beautiful clouds filled with rain so I say just let all that water drop and I’m fine 🙂 Love you all ❤


    • I’m glad you are getting more autumn-like weather, Simone. I love it when it gets cooler and we can start burning wood in the wood stove. However, we try to put it off as long as possible so the wood will last. Plus, the wood stove really heats up the house!!!

      Isn’t the rainbow pretty? I always love when I see them.


  2. I think you captured the rainbow beautifuly considering all the trees in your area, the weather sure was unique as far as sun then dark clouds and wind which never let up, even the rain came in sideways and every directions. Looked around our property but we escaped with only a few limbs down, however we do have quite a burn pile getting established, hopefully we can burn it off sometime this week. Our love to all, Linda


    • EJ and I got caught in some sideways rain when we dashed to the store in ER yesterday afternoon. We got a bit wet as we loaded the items in the car. 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t have many limbs down.


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