Fun at Lowes

This morning after a pancake breakfast with real Michigan maple syrup, EJ and I went to Lowes Home Improvement store to get some heavy plastic to put over the top of the woodshed to protect the firewood from the weather. Our woodshed used to be a grape arbor. Last  year we put sides on it and we had hoped to enclose the top this year, but we have not had the energy so we decided it can wait for another year. Sometimes we wonder if we will ever get our energy back. Fighting cancer feels like the London Blitzkrieg during World War 2 with bombs falling and everything exploding and families are just trying to survive moment by moment. Like this:

London Blitzkrieg, WW2
London Blitzkrieg, WW2

Recovery from cancer feels like trying to get life back to normal again after bombs have destroyed a city. The battle might be over, but a cancer patient and his family has to rebuild their lives and regain a sort of “normal.” It can feel like this:

Trying to rebuild “normal” life
A beautiful autumn day
A beautiful autumn day

Anyway, EJ and I went to Lowes this morning to buy plastic for the roof of the woodshed. The sun was shining, and the sky was autumn blue, and the trees were touched with color, and the air was crisp. It was a beautiful day for a drive. We talked about Jury Duty and I described to EJ what to expect. I am, after all, very experienced at Jury Selections.

EJ and I always have a lot of fun shopping together. We joke a lot. Often we enjoy deliberately taking things literally. When we were children, we heard about “guerilla warfare” on the news and we both thought there were actual gorillas fighting. They were apparently very intelligent because they knew how to use modern weapons. Anyway, today when I saw EJ put Gorilla Tape in the shopping cart, I said, “You know, I still cannot understand why anyone would want to tape a gorilla.” EJ replied in an ominous voice, “They don’t want to. They have to….” Then I saw something called Frog Tape. “Frog Tape? Why on earth would anyone want to put tape on a frog? Poor things.” I asked. Then we laughed.

EJ had trouble finding the roll of heavy plastic. I said, “Ask someone for help.” EJ said, “No.” “I really think you should ask someone….like that employee over there,” I said. EJ replied, “That employee is busy. And he’s in the Kitchen Department. I can’t ask him for plastic.” I pointed at another one: “How about him?” EJ said, “Can’t you see he is really busy working in the Flooring Department?” “How about one of those two employees walking down the aisle. Ask one of them.” “I can’t,” EJ said, “They are on their break.” One of the employees asked, “Can I help you find something?” EJ explained and we found the plastic and put it in the cart. Then I said, “I have to go to the restroom. Do you know where it is?” EJ said that in the other Lowes store, it’s located halfway down the right side of the store. We went there and there was no restroom. EJ said, “Ask an employee for help.” “I’m not going to ask anyone where the restroom is,” I declared. “There are some employees behind that desk,” EJ pointed. “Ask one of them.” “No,” I said. “Can’t you tell they are busy?” But I was just being silly and I asked and was directed to the middle of the back side of the store. EJ and I have fun in stores.

Round Challah
Round Challah

After we left Lowes, we drove to a grocery store for raw Michigan honey and apples. Last year we bought honey at the farm market in a nearby town, but this year they haven’t set up until after EJ has to be at work so we haven’t been able to get any. We can buy it at a farm market-type store in the city, but we don’t always get over there. A couple of weeks ago we found the raw honey at the local grocery stores. I really need honey and apples because Thursday Rosh Hashanah begins and I want to make little round challah loaves stuffed with apples, raisins, honey, and cinnamon. Also, we need apples to dip in honey.

After we finished shopping, we came home, and I made lunch. After EJ went to work, I took Danny for his walk, studied Hebrew with my friend, made a newly awakened JJ something to eat, washed dishes, and started laundry.




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  1. I can see you both shopping and entertaining each other. I recognized it me and my husband always did the shopping together. I loved that so very much. Wishing you a blessed new year and a wonderful Feast day of Yom Teruah tomorrow. ❤


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