Walk, Mouse, Rainbow, and an Eclipse

This morning I made French toast using last Friday’s Challah bread. It was very yummy.

After we ate, we all went for a walk–EJ, JJ, Danny, and me. We went out into the countryside a bit, which was very enjoyable. I had hoped to see the woodpeckers so EJ and JJ could help me identify them, but we didn’t see them at all. However, we did see many woolly caterpillars crossing the road. Most of the were brown and black, but we also saw an all black one and also a couple of light-colored ones. Some were quite big, and others were teeny-tiny. Some were smashed where they had been run over by  cars. I told EJ that I felt like gathering them up and taking them safely off the road–like in the Starfish Story. EJ did scoop up a few of them and put them in the weeds alongside the road. We all enjoyed walking, talking, and enjoying the autumn colors. Danny loved snuffling in the weeds.

After EJ left for work, I studied Hebrew with my friend. We always have so much fun studying together! A little later, JJ noticed that the cats had caught another mouse. They have caught one mouse each day for the last three days. Either little mice are leaving a nest and exploring our house or mice our moving into the warm house to escape cooler temperatures. The cats have been putting the mice into our shoes. Although I am not thrill that the mice are being dropped into our shoes, I think the cats are very clever to imprison them this way. JJ was able to rescue the first mouse by taking the shoe outside and dumping the mouse out, but the other two mice were killed. Fortunately, the cats did not leave them dead in our shoes.

Later this afternoon the temps dropped a bit as a cold front came through. We got some rain and even a couple rumbles of thunder. When I saw it was raining and the sun was shining and the light was a strange yellowish color, I ran outside to see if I could spot a rainbow. There was one! I considered walking to where I could have an unhindered view, but decided to just take pictures while on my porch–which was just as well because the rainbow quickly faded.

Here are some pictures from today. You can click on them to make them bigger:

Before sunrise tomorrow there will be a lunar eclipse. It is supposed to be a blood-red moon–pretty awesome. I have set my alarm and we are going to try to get up to see it. If you’d like to see it also, you can check out this website to find out what time it will be in your area:

Where to see the eclipse


3 Comments on “Walk, Mouse, Rainbow, and an Eclipse

  1. Beautiful rainbow and beautiful pictures. For us the eclipse was not possible to see it was as they said below the horizon. So I hope you have seen the bloodmoon !!!! Love you ❤


  2. The eclipse was beautiful out on our west deck, we went a little before 6 this morning, first I had nothing on my feet and that was foolish and ran back for slippers. It’s been a long while since we have been able to have it so “right there” and for the beauty of the stars all around us until the sun started to rise in the east it brought the reality of how wonderful this world has been made for all to enjoy, it was a blessing to our day. So hope you were able to enjoy also, love ya, Linda


  3. Simone, so sorry you couldn’t see the eclipse. Linda, I’m so glad you and Bob could see it. We watched it. It was awesome!


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