Cloudy, Windy Days

When Danny sees EJ preparing to leave for work, he perks up and starts watching me intently. If I put on my shoes then he gets excited because he knows it’s time for his walk. Usually I don’t start preparing for our walk until EJ is walking out the door, but yesterday I put on my shoes while EJ was just getting around to shutting down his laptop on so Danny was really excited. I told Danny, “Don’t look at me, I’m not the one delaying our walk…EJ is.” Danny immediately went over to EJ, and nudged his hand to hurry him along. I thought that was very smart.


This is Annie
This is Annie

Danny and I had a nice walk. It had rained earlier in the day but had cleared up by the time we went for our walk. The wind was pretty strong and blew a lot of the leaves from the trees. Later in the afternoon, I made a video of the wind making the leaves dance down the street. The wind has blown a lot of leaves into our yard so there is even more than there were before I mowed the other day. My cats Rikki-Tikki-Tabby and Tesla are also in the video. Annie didn’t show up until after I stopped videoing, but here is a picture I took the other day of her. One day I will get a video of her. She has the most musical meow EVER! Annie is half manx so she has a stubby little tail.

After Danny and I got back from our walk, I walked to the post office for our mail. There was a card from my friend. This time I opened it very carefully in case she had sent me more spider confetti. The card was very beautiful and there were no spiders in it. My friend had written my favorite fall poem inside the card and put in some beautiful leaf confetti. I was so very touched. My friend is very creative and caring.

After I got back from the post office, I studied Hebrew with my friend and then I made delicious homemade pizza.

Today the weather was much cooler than yesterday. The high temperature was in the 40s. I actually built a fire in the wood stove today, which I haven’t done for several weeks. I wore a coat and hat when I walked Danny. It was breezy and the clouds were very dramatic. I love cloudy, windy autumn days.



2 Comments on “Cloudy, Windy Days

  1. I loved to see the video the cats and hearing your voice !!! Here the weather is for a few days really like autumn should be but the next 3 days are again to warm for the season. And I’m so very done with that indian summer stuff . Just give me what I supposed to have right now….stormy windy rainy and cold autumn days……. But well we’ll see . In your part it is looking beautiful with the colored leaves……. ❤


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