Last weekend–from Friday to Sunday–we have had FIVE mice in the house. That is the most mice we have ever had in our house in such a short time. Usually there are weeks or months between mouse sightings and killings.

I already wrote about the three mice on Halloween. Saturday morning I found a fourth dead mouse. Sunday afternoon I went out into the kitchen to wash dishes and a mouse scurried across the floor. The cats who followed me into the kitchen ran after it and chased it under the stove. All afternoon, Little Bear sat in the kitchen and waited for the most to come out. It was interesting watching his stealthy hunting technique. Ok, so mostly he just sat and waited, but I thought his patient watchfulness was remarkable. When the mouse hadn’t come out by evening, I decided to help things along by moving the stove. I am an accessory to mouse killings. I think  mice are only cute in cartoons and theme parks. Whenever I start to feel sorry for a mouse, I think of the scene in the movie Ratatouille in which a horde of rats fell out of the old lady’s ceiling. Imagining hordes of disease-laden rodents multiplying in my walls causes me to lose all sympathy for the little vermin. Shudder.

So I moved the stove and Little Bear and a couple other cats moved in. Scared, the mouse ran for it with the cats in hot pursuit. The mouse was able to get into an inaccessible spot behind a loose baseboard. I could tell exactly where he was because the cats gathered in that area. So I kicked the baseboard (further down, not where the mouse was) hoping to scare him out of hiding. He didn’t come out, so I moved the baseboard. The mouse was not moving. I had either stunned him or killed him. The cats grabbed him and took turns swatting him around the floor like a game of mouse soccer ball. Then Luke swatted the for-sure completely dead mouse and he slid out of reach under the refrigerator. Seriously? Under the fridge?   I could not let a mouse decompose under the fridge. I didn’t want to try to move the fridge so I looked around for something long and thin to stick under it and sweep the mouse out. I worked for about 10 minutes, sweeping all sorts of milk lids and rings that the cats had played with from under the fridge before I finally got the mouse out. I swept him into the dustpan with the broom and threw him outside. If this keeps up, we will have a whole pile of mouse skeletons in our yard by Spring.



One Comment on “Mouse-capades

  1. HA I have that movie Ratatouille!!! I know what you mean and O do I feel all the sympathy for you in this matter. We once in our first house noise under the fridge which was build in a cupboard. After a while I send for a MAN from a company who was dealing with mice and other species. He was really tall and big. With help he got the fridge out of the cupboard and told me that mother mouse build a nest just under the motor of the fridge and she had kids. Hád because he just ended their lives. We couldn’t use the fridge anymore and removed it for another one out of the cupboard. So mice were back than also part of my life …. 🙂 I hope that you have seen the last to them for a long time…..<3


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