The Reese’s Cup Wrapper

Cloudy November day.
Cloudy November day.

It did not rain today, but dark, dramatic clouds filled the sky. It was beautiful.

I love the different moods of the days and seasons.

On Halloween night, kids often drop candy and wrappers as they go from house to house gathering sweet loot. In the days and weeks that follow, they continue to drop wrappers as they consume their candy as they play outdoors.

Walking Danny in the days and weeks after Halloween is a challenge. Danny’s leash is retractable and when we walk near houses I have him on a shorter leash but in wilder areas, I let him wander on a longer leash. He loves to wander about, sniffing this and that. Usually, that’s no problem and I can let him sniff about without paying close attention. However, after Halloween, Danny pretends to wander innocently as he sniffs out candy and candy wrappers. He can remember the location of a piece of candy from day-to-day. I tend to forget until he’s meandered over to it the next day and begins to eat it.

Today, Danny wandered around in the field and appeared with a sucker stick in his mouth. I exclaimed, “No, Danny!” and pulled it out of his mouth. As we continued on our walk, he found a few dropped items that he gobbled down before I could see what they were. Then I saw a Reese’s Cup wrapper on the ground. He grabbed it before I could stop him. “No, Danny! No!” I yelled. I tugged it, but he refused to let go. He only obeys when he wants to, which is most of the time but not all of the time. We had a stubborn tug-of-war on the sidewalk. I tried to open his mouth but he gritted his teeth.  Finally, I got him to drop the wrapper and I pulled him away. Usually I pick up litter, but I couldn’t grab the wrapper and keep Danny from it too. Danny will find the Reese’s wrapper tomorrow or the next day when I’ve forgotten all about it.

I can’t really blame Danny for not wanting to let go of the Reese’s Cup wrapper. I love Reese’s Cups too, and if I had one in my mouth, I would not easily let go either.

Eventually the snow will cover the candy wrappers or the wind will blow them away, and we can go back to non-vigilant wandering.

4 Comments on “The Reese’s Cup Wrapper

  1. Danny’s quite human when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate they are a favorite of ours, in fact it’s hard sometimes to walk by the candy isle without going back and grabbing a container of them. We like to get them at Aldie’s, for us the smaller sizes work for us and by putting them in the closet out of sight they seem to last a little longer.

    We were in your fair town last night for dinner,we went to Tompkins to visit Bob’s sick cousin and took a little country drive your way, met 7 deer along the way which was very enjoyable, as stopping on back roads are doable where we had no traffic.
    Say hi to the guys and pray all is going well.


    • There are a lot of deer in our county. I love to see them too. I fear “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” doesn’t worse with us and Reese’s. We would remember they were there until they were gone. I simply don’t buy them. I’m sure Danny and I will have a few more struggles with the Reese’s wrapper. He has a good memory!


  2. Hahaha Teri we had a dog just like Danny, she remembered everything. Sometimes she sniffled in the garden until she find a pebble and took that in her mouth so that we could see it. She refused to let it go until we offered her something else that she adores. And in ten beginning we did. But that was soon a day to day event for Sara. So we came out with the cookie jar and picked one out and she dropped the pebble we grabbed it and no cookie more than once a day. But she was so smart so later she dropped the pebble and put her foot on it so we couldn’t grab it. It was in the summertime a constant challenge with her. I see that Danny is just her brother in the eating and finding crime 🙂 Shabbat Shalom dear Teri ❤


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