This morning my dear hubby drove off to the Emerald City. I missed him before he even left and I teared up as he drove away. Except for a few days when he was off hunting, we have never been apart. I really miss him.

I’m very concerned for EJ because he is feeling quite sick, but he can’t be sick because he starts his new job tomorrow. Please pray that he will feel better by tomorrow so he can start his new job with a strong body and a clear mind. I know that it’s difficult to be the “new guy” and that first weeks can be difficult. I am praying this week will go well and that this company will be wonderful to work for.  I am also praying EJ can find us a house quickly so we can join him soon.

To help me not miss EJ so much, I am keeping busy. I have tons to do.

Banker's Box
Banker’s Box

After EJ drove away, JJ and I drove to a large grocery store. At EJ’s suggestion, we bought some plastic totes to protect our more precious books and picture albums. I also bought a couple banker boxes for the important papers in our file cabinet. Well, sort of. I couldn’t find any banker’s boxes, so I asked a store employee and she didn’t know what they were. She led me to some little safes. She finally found me an older store employee were knew what they were.  After searching and checking with another employee, he told me that they used to have banker’s boxes but they didn’t have them anymore. So I went back to the aisle where I got the totes and we found some plastic boxes made especially for files. That worked.

After we purchased our totes and carried them out to the car, we returned to find some free empty boxes. We started out at the Customer service desk and the woman there directed us to the deli, and the woman there told us that the produce department and really good, strong boxes. When we asked the employee in the produce department, he went back into the stores innards, and pulled out a huge cart filled with many boxes. He said we could take the cart to our car and take the boxes we wanted. So we pulled the cart through the store and JJ waited just inside the store with the cart while I pulled the car up. Then we loaded the boxes into the car. Thanks to JJ’s efforts, we were able to get ten boxes into the car in addition to the plastic totes. JJ pulled cart with the remaining boxes back into the store intended to take them back to the produce man, but the greeter said she’d take care of it.

These boxes are all filled with books.
These boxes are all filled with books.

Once we reached home, we ate lunch and then JJ emptied the books on the three bookcases in his room. He got tired of bringing them down by the armloads so I gave him a laundry basket to fill and bring down.  I fit the books he brought down into the boxes, along with the books filling the china cabinet and the closet under the stairs. We have now finished packing all the books, except for the cookbooks in the kitchen. We didn’t count, but I think we have about 50 or 60 boxes of books.

Next we will begin packing other stuff. Packing up a house feels overwhelming. I’d much rather unpack it all.

I really miss EJ.

2 Comments on “Separation

  1. I can understand that you miss EJ but maybe it will help to think about the fact that is isn’t for ever but just until he founds you a new house. With your packing and he working in emerald city the day will come soon that you are not separate anymore and what a day that will be. Is he coming home for the weekend???? Or does he have to stay there??? Think about the life you will have when you have moved….. ❤


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