I am beginning my second week of being sick with the nasty respiratory infection that EJ gave me. He was sick with it for at least two weeks, so I kind of expect the same. I am very congested, swimmy-headed, and tired, and I have a nasty cough which wakes me every few hours throughout the night. Usually I start out sleeping in my bed but then move downstairs to sleep propped up in EJ’s lazy-boy chair. During the day I get the tasks done that I absolutely need to get done and then I doze in the lazy-boy. It’s awful.

A couple of days ago JJ started coming down with the sickness too. He doesn’t seem to have it so bad (yet) and is complaining mostly of a headache and an earache.

After searching and discussing and searching and discussing, EJ and I finally decided that the house in the Enchanted Forest is the one that best met our needs so we are putting an offer on the house. I don’t know how it’s done in other countries, but in the USA it means that we present to the seller the price, terms we are willing to offer for the house and then they can either present a counter-offer, reject it, or accept it. The terms/conditions are usually that we will buy the house if the surveys and inspections are favorable and we can get financing. Buyers can also ask that problems are fixed or that the seller pay for some of the closing costs or inspections–anything. If the sellers accept the offer, then the inspections and surveys will be done and all that.

Darker skies and more stars.
Darker skies and more stars.

EJ says that it’s really quiet and peaceful in the Enchanted Forest. I am really excited about moving there. I can’t wait to see darker skies and more stars and northern lights. I can’t wait to settle into a new area with wonderful natural beauty.

But it’s also scary too. We are taking a huge risk in making these changes. I’m a Hobbit and adventurous change is scary.

But then I think of EJ telling me that he is really enjoying his new job and doing well at it. And he says that he has only had to take his pain killers once since he’s been working in the Emerald City–instead of every day. He is so much more happier than he has been in the soul-crushing struggle down here.

And that makes it all worth the risk.

2 Comments on “Offer

  1. Teri you and JJ just have the American Flu I can tell in what you describe. The coughing will stay at least 4 weeks or more. I had it too and was very sick. It came over from your country to ours:-) I hope it will work out with the house in the enchanted forest and you all will be able to start all over again. And I’m happy for EJ that he is so much happier in his new job and don’t have to use so much painkillers. That is a very beautiful step forwards. I hope that your offer will be accepted and everything else will be going smoothly. And than the great adventure to the Emerald City will begin. ❤


    • This is really a terrible flu. We have so much to do but I have no energy. I will be glad when I get over it. 😦


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