Little Bear & Danny

Yesterday it snowed off and on through the day. The falling snow looked like a snow globe. The snow did not stick on the ground. Today I didn’t see any snow, but it’s been a bit cold. I wore my winter coat, hat, and gloves when I took Danny for his walk today.

I wanted to feel productive so yesterday afternoon I went to the store. I mostly wanted to buy a few more plastic totes to pack breakables in–although I do not plan to do much packing into it’s closer to our move date. I have most everything packed except “essentials”–and even then my guys are always asking where this item or that item is when they come home. I keep saying, “It’s packed….It’s packed…It’s packed…”

This morning I tackled one of our attics (we have two). It’s not crammed with junk–mostly old papers, a few pieces of furniture, and JJ’s old toys, stuff like that. I got about half of it emptied but then my sinuses swelled up and I had to stop. At least I made some progress.

Early this afternoon I had to print and sign a form the survey company emailed us, giving them permission to do a survey of the new property. Then I took it to our bank to fax it to them. Meanwhile, EJ arranged for an inspection of the new house.


I took Little Bear and Danny to the veterinary this afternoon. Let me tell you, it’s not easy taking a cat and a dog to the vet all by myself! Carrying the cat carrier and managing the dog was an ordeal! I had to fight to get Little Bear into the cat carrier and then he meowed all the way to the vet.

I took Little Bear to the vet because his face was a little swollen and JJ feared he had an infection. Except for the slight swollenness, he appeared fine. The vet said that it was either an infection or a minor abscess or something. She rattled off a long name of the condition, but I can’t remember it. It would no doubt win a triple word score in Scrabble. The vet gave Little Bear two injections–one for the infection and the other for the other thing. One or the other should take care of whichever problem he has, she said. I was glad she gave him the injections so I didn’t have to try to give him any pills at home. Little Bear hates pills and giving him any is a two person job–and I am alone with my guys up north.

Danny had a little thing by his eye–like a skin tag or something. The vet said that as long as it didn’t bother him or didn’t grow, we could probably leave it alone. Or he could have it removed with minor surgery. I texted EJ and we decided to remove it while it’s still small. It’s so close to his eye that if it grows the surgery will be more complicated and expensive. I made an appointment to take Danny in tomorrow. He should be able to come home later in the day. Since he will probably have to have a couple of stitches, he will have to wear a cone for a couple of weeks. Poor thing. I hate watching a dog stumbling around with the cone of shame. 😦

When we get up north, we will have to find a new veterinary. So many new things to do and arrange and experience.


One Comment on “Little Bear & Danny

  1. TJ, new things will incorporate a day at a time and you will look back and marvel at how it all unfolded, another 24 hrs. and your men will be home, so happy for all of you. And I got the picture of you handling the pets, been there and it’s a challenge, sounds like you did great. ENJOY.

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