Here There Be Spiders

This morning after I drank coffee and ate breakfast, I went upstairs and mudded the drywall for a bit. I really don’t mind this task. It’s sort of fun.

When I came downstairs, Danny asked to be let outside. I headed for the back door, but he indicated that he wanted to go out the front door instead. Ok. So I took him out the front door and let him in through the front gate. When I came back, Little Bear made a dash out the door and ran under the porch before I could grab him. Sigh. I went inside and got a small sample can of moist cat food that occasionally comes in a bucket of kitty litter. I opened it and plopped some of it in piles near the porch. Then I waited. As soon as Little Bear came out from under the porch and started eating the treat, I grabbed him and took him inside, leaving the treat for the outside cats to enjoy.

After Little Bear was safely inside, I went to paint the bathroom. I’m repainting it the same color it was–just making it look fresh. I thought the gallon of paint was already in the bathroom, but when I opened the can I discovered that it was the brown color we had used to paint the stairs. Bummer. That meant I had to go down into the scary basement to find the correct color of paint.

Our unfinished basement is divided into two sections, a little room and then a big room. The chest freezer we use most often is in the little room. I avoid going into the big basement room whenever because there is no light switch to turn on the lights. When EJ goes into the big room, he plugs in lights and then unplugs them when he leaves. I know more or less where some of the lights are, but not exactly. The basement is filled with stuff, making it a maze. It is very dark and spiderwebby and I am always afraid of stumbling into a sticky spiderweb or of spiders dropping down onto my head. I also imagine a huge spider lurking like the one that pounced on Frodo in The Lord of the Rings.

Yup, like this.
Yup, like this.

It takes a lot of courage for me to go down into the dark basement, but no spiders–real or imagined–are going to keep me from my appointed tasks. So I got EJ’s battery-powered lantern and headed into the black nether regions of the house. I held the lantern in front of me as I navigated the maze to the shelves where the paint is kept. I moved cans of paint–occasionally feeling the touch of spiderwebs. Shudder. I finally found one that said “Bath and Kitchen” paint but in the feeble glow of the lantern I couldn’t really tell what color it was, so I took it out of the basement for a better look in stronger light. It was the wrong color. I turned the lantern back “on” to head back into the dark basement. It stayed off. I jiggled the lantern. It still stayed off. Seriously?  NOW it dies? Well, at least it didn’t leave me stranded in the dark, right?

Yup. Like this. (Photo from
Yup. Like this.
(Photo from

I couldn’t find any other flashlights, so I used the very faint glow of my cellphone to feel my way to the other side of the basement to where I could faintly see a light. I bravely reached up into the dark ceiling and turned on the light. I found another light and turned that on. Those gave me enough light to enable me to see the shelves of paint. Using my cellphone for a tiny bit of extra light, I was able to find the correct color of paint for the bathroom.

Relieved, I escaped the basement. No spiders had dropped on my head (that I am aware of). No giant spider pounced on me or wrapped me in its web to feast on later. However, I left the lights on in case I have to return.

For the next several hours, I painted the bathroom. I got it all done except on the wall next to the washer and dryer. I just could not get the stackable washer/dryer to budge even the tiniest bit. I will have to paint that section after we move everything to the new house.

After I finished painting, I took Danny for a walk in the bright sunshine.

While courageously ventured into the dark basement, in the North Country JJ is bravely preparing for his interview tomorrow.


2 Comments on “Here There Be Spiders

  1. That was a brave journey and walking in the sunshine must be a really great reward after all the searching and painting…..


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