What I Did Today

Not long after I got up this morning, the mortgage officer called. Apparently it’s a regulation now that they have to compare our tax information to the information that the IRS has to make sure it matches. She had tried to get our tax returns from the IRS site but it wouldn’t let her. She suspected it was because she wasn’t entering the information exactly as it was on our tax return so she gave me a link to the site and she helped me set up a profile which WAS A PAIN! When we finally got the profile set up, I clicked on the tax information she wanted, but nothing happened. Grrrr! She looked at the FAQs and we figured out it was the popup blocker causing the problems. She helped me figure out how to turn the popup blocker off on my computer and it worked! But then I wasn’t able to save the document and email it to her–I got an error message–so instead I printed it so I could fax it to her. About midway through all this frustrating procedure, I said, “Sheesh! You expect me to deal with the IRS site when I haven’t even had a cup of coffee?” We laughed.

I don’t remember having to do all this stuff when we bought our current house more than 20 years ago. The mortgage officer said it won’t be long now before the mortgage process is completed. Yay!

After getting dressed and eating breakfast and drinking half a pot of coffee, I left to run my errands. I stopped first at the bank to get the document faxed. I also closed one of our two accounts. I plan to keep the other one until I don’t have any more documents to fax since customers can have documents faxed for free. Since the bank is only two blocks from home, it saves me having to drive ten miles to the next town to have documents faxed. Besides, I really like the tellers. They are nice. EJ worked with the husband of one of the tellers and the husband of the other used to work for the Village and also was very involved with JJ’s Boy Scout Troop. They looked up our new house on-line and think the house and setting is really nice. I am really going to miss them when we move.

At the bank I also ran into the daughter-in-law of our neighbors. She used to watch JJ now and then when he was little. She said it’s going to be very strange not having us live here–and she told me to keep blogging about our adventures!

For the last few weeks, villagers keep stopping me and saying, “I hear you are moving!” When I went to vote the other day (last week?) I ran into an older villager who, after saying “I heard you are moving!” told me that she had always liked our house–she had been here a lot when she was a child because her best friend lived here. Occasionally over the years various people have shared memories of our house. One had said that the front door used to face the other street, but when they put in the fireplace they moved the front door so the entrance is on the other street. I think it’s interesting hearing about the history of our house. Only it won’t be our house for long.

When I finished running all my errands, I took Danny for his walk. I figured it was best to do it before I got busy. On our walk, I encounter another neighbor, who is interested in how we are going to transport a dog and seven cats to our new house. We have decided that Danny will ride with EJ and the cats will ride with me. I have two nice cat carriers and I bought five cardboard ones. I plan to have JJ ride with me so if any cats escape, he can keep them from distracting me. My neighbor said she might have a nice cat carrier that I could borrow. She said she would look around at home for it.

After Danny and I got home, I talked to my dear friend on the telephone as I ate lunch. Then I went outside to paint the back porch. This has been the only day I could paint this week because earlier in the week it was rainy, damp, or cold, and tomorrow it’s supposed to rain again. I painted the third side of the porch that I hadn’t been able to paint before, and then I put a second coat of paint on the other two sides. When the weather is nice again I will paint the third side again and then I will begin painting the front porch. When I have all the cream painting done, I will paint the green trim everywhere.

I thought about mowing the lawn after I finished painting, but decided against it. I went in and relaxed instead.

I am developing a lot of colorful bruises from my tumble over the exercise thingy. I have found dark bruises on my arms and legs. It’s kind of hard to see in the pictures, but my whole left foot is one big bruise. Ouch. It’s surprising I didn’t break anything. As I was falling over the thingy, I imagined being seriously hurt and my guys finding my cold lifeless body when they returned home.

Since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, I think I will do some more packing and also make potato salad for my guys. They arrive home for the weekend tomorrow evening.



3 Comments on “What I Did Today

  1. No packing at all you have to rest that leg it looks awful to me bruises can be so very painful and your foot looks swollen too. So take it easy I think is the best for now….. ❤


  2. I did take it easy (sort of) the day after my battle with the exercise thingy but I have too much to do….My bruises aren’t as painful as they look, although I can definitely feel the buise on my foot! At least I didn’t break anything!


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