The Basement

Ugh, the weather sure is crazy. Monday was a warm 80 degrees. The weather forecast had said that it would rain but since it hadn’t rained all weekend as predicted, I took a risk and I painted the front porch. I began at 9 a.m.–or maybe before–and painted until mid-afternoon. It looks nice.

I was going to paint the green trim and maybe the garage door today, but it was too cold. There are frost warnings out for tonight so when I finished all my work today, I went out and covered the plants I had put outside. I also turned the heat back on.

Being unable to paint messed up my schedule. I drank coffee as I contemplated how to spend my day. I didn’t want to have an unproductive day when we have less than two weeks before we close on the house. I feel rushed to get as much done as we can because I don’t want to keep coming south AND I want to get our house up for sale soon.

I decided to work on the basement. When I last went to the dark basement to find paint, I had managed to find the light to turn it on. I left it on, but EJ turned it back off. So I decided to work in the first of the two rooms of the basement. I got on my work clothes–which is also my paint clothes–including a old sweatshirt–and put a headscarf on to protect my head from spiders and their webs. I went into the basement, but in the small room there is exercise equipment, a chest freezer, and EJ’s work bench piled with stuff. I had no idea how to pack it. I peered into the pitch blackness of the other room. Nope, I couldn’t do it. I changed my clothes.

I decided to walk to the post office for our mail and then walk Danny. As I walked I thought that I really need to get a start on the basement. So when I got home, I changed into my work clothes with spider protection head scarf and went into the basement. I put a few things into an empty kitty litter bucket, but I felt overwhelmed by the task of packing EJ’s stuff. I peered into the blackness of the other basement room. Nope, I couldn’t do it. I changed my clothes.

I decided to drive to the grocery store. I knew I would have to go sometime this week and I might as well go on a cold day when I can’t work outside and I’m too scared to work in the basement.

When I got home, I remembered that we had decided to donate JJ’s dresser. He has had it since he was born–his crib and dresser were a set–and it’s really much too small for his adult clothes. I’ve been wanting to get him a new dresser for years, but never did.  I measured to make sure the dresser would fit in the car. Yup. No problem. I took out the six drawers and slid the dresser down the stairs, and carried it and the drawers out into the car. I took Danny with me to the Hospice store. I had worked with the woman who helped me unload the dresser years and years ago–at my first job at McDonalds. I had told her I had a little dresser to donate but when she saw it she exclaimed, “TJ! You said it was LITTLE!” Well, I thought it was little–it’s smaller than EJ and my dressers and is much too small for JJ’s clothes. The woman said, “Did you put this dresser into the car yourself? I don’t know how you did it.” I told her that I had even carried it downstairs. She was impressed.

Frodo Photo from
Photo from

When I got home, I was determined that I needed to get a start on the basement and no darkness or spiders were going to keep me from it. I put my work clothes back on, grabbed a big broom and a flashlight, and swept the spider webs from the ceiling as I advanced into the dark. I felt like Frodo Baggins with his sword and elvish light. I got the lights on–they have to be turned on individually. Once the lights were on, I felt braver. I worked for a couple of hours and made a lot of progress. I hope to get more done later in the week.

Soon, soon, soon, I will be in our new house in the Enchanted Forest. I love Google Earth because even though I am not up there, I can explore the area. It’s fun. I look at pictures of our new house and it’s difficult to believe that soon it will be ours. I have told JJ that at first the house will feel strange and unfamiliar, but it won’t be long before the house is “Home.”

One Comment on “The Basement

  1. WOW I’m impressed you are a brave girl I don’t know if I would have the nerve to be a basement cleaner…..I hate darkness and spiders 🙂 So I would have waited for help I think, you deserve a medal……. ❤


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