This morning I decided to get gas in the car, go to the bank to close our account, and stop at the post office for our mail. In a few days, we will actually have mail delivered to our house–for the first time in over 20 years. In our small village, people who live in town have post office boxes. Anyway, I aborted the mission because there was so much traffic. EJ and JJ will laugh at that because the most traffic down here is nothing compared to the traffic in the Emerald City (caused by road construction). But there were also cars at the gas pumps, cars parked in front of the bank, and cars at the post office so I thought, “I’ll just do it later.”

Garage doors
Garage doors

I came home and walked Danny and then I got my paint clothes on. I painted the black double doors on the garage white to match the other doors. The doors won’t match in design but they will match in color. Then I got the ladder out and began scraping loose old paint from the high up places. When I had scraped off as much paint as I could reach from the ladder, I went into the upstairs of the garage and leaned out the windows–one on each side of the garage–to scrape more paint. While I was working, I heard a scurrying on the roof. I imagined it was branches scratching the roof. Or a squirrel. Or goblins. Or those creepy aliens from the movie Signs. Yikes.

Blackbirds swore at me as I was painting here
Blackbirds swore at me as I was painting here

After I knocked off the loose paint, I set up the ladder and painted the high up trim. I painted as high as I could reach with a brush and then I used the roller on a long pole to reach higher. I had to stand in our neighbor’s yard while I painted the opposite side of the garage. While I painting the trim there, I heard some blackbirds swearing in anger. “Wow! Something has them all upset,” I thought. Then I saw that one had a worm in its mouth and was flying close and then flying away. “They must have a nest of babies somewhere close,” I thought. And then realization hit: “Oh! They are swearing at ME because they can’t feed their babies because I am so close!” I told them I’d be just a couple of minutes. As soon as I left, they calmed down.

I went upstairs in the garage again and leaned out the window to paint the areas I wasn’t able to reach from the ladder and pole roller. I didn’t hear scurrying this time, but although I was completely safe leaning out the windows, I am a bit afraid of heights. I’m glad that I will no longer have to climb high places to paint. The garage is old and dilapidated, but it looks better now then it did.

When I finished, I took a shower and changed into clean clothes, and then I got gas in the car, picked up the mail, and stopped at the bank to close our account. I gave the two tellers a hug because I am no longer a customer of this bank and might not see them again. They are actually more than tellers because the husband of one used to work with EJ and the other’s husband was involved in JJ’s Scout troop. So we have several connections. I told them that if they are ever up in the Emerald City they are welcome to visit.

When I got home, I emailed our mortgage officer–she’s a peach–and told her that I might not be able to make it up to the Emerald City next week to close on the house and could EJ get a power of attorney and sign on both his and my behalf. She replied “Absolutely” and said she’d get working on it. Now, whether I can make it up to the Emerald City or not, we can close.

One of my tasks next week is to cancel our Internet. I will then be off-line until we can get Internet service at our new house. EJ says that might be awhile, but I snorted, “Ha!” because everyone knows that Internet is one of the highest priorities! I already have our new Internet Service Provider chosen. But it might take a week or two to get connected. During that time, we will be busy tearing out old carpet, installing new flooring, and painting walls. But I will take pictures, and I will write when I have a free moment or two, and then I will post everything when I get reconnected.

Annie and Rikki-Tikki-Tabby sitting on my lap while I scraped old paint.
Annie and Rikki-Tikki-Tabby sitting on my lap while I scraped old paint.

People always say that cats are aloof but our cats crave attention. With three of us giving the cats attention, we can keep them satisfied, but with just me at home….well, I can’t give them enough. Sometimes I am surrounded by cats wanting attention and they follow me around. Kee-Kee is sometimes VERY vocal in his demand and he also gently and insistently paws my face if I ignore him. I am glad when we get them all up north. The indoor cats aren’t the only ones wanting attention. After I finished my errands, I sat on the front porch to scrap loose old paint from the floor. Rikki-Tikki-Tabby came and sat on my lap as I work–as he often does when I’m outside gardening. Then Annie came and sat on my lap too. So there I was, sitting on the floor of the porch, trying to work with two cats on my lap. I didn’t get much work done.

I’ve been debating whether to paint the red floor of the front porch before or after we move. Moving heavy furniture out might scrape the new paint, but I don’t think they can ruin it that much, and I have plenty of red paint, and I can always touch it up afterwards if they do. I almost painted today but with the cool temps, I don’t want to start too late in the day. Besides, I had cats on my lap. I decided not to paint today. I was really tired from all my hard work so I went inside and fell  asleep on the couch. While I was sleeping, I suddenly jerked awake with the sensation that I was falling–you know? I thought for a moment that I was falling off the ladder. Yikes! I was relieved that I wasn’t falling off the ladder and I fell back to sleep.

Since we don’t think it’s wise to give our location on the Internet and we don’t want my abusive family to find us easily, we have been coming up with imaginative names for the area we are moving to. I was trying to think of what to call the town closest to our new house. The town is small, but several times bigger than the village we live in now. EJ keeps calling it Anatevka after the close-knit little town in The Fiddler on the Roof, one of our favorite movies. So that is where I will say we live. We are moving to Anatevka which is located in The Enchanted Forest, not far from the Emerald City.



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  1. You are really working hard but it looks good the new paint. Just one weekend and than the time is really close that you are moving must be so relieving to know that you are living in the new surroundings of Anatevka, the Enchanted Forest and the Emera;s City. Just starting all over again….. ❤ ❤ ❤


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