The Last Left Behind

I was hoping that we could get the upstairs bathroom and hallway completely drywalled and mudded so that I could paint them this week, but that didn’t happen. Not much got done on Saturday because weariness caused tempers to flare a bit and other things went wrong. However, we all worked together on Sunday and made progress even if we didn’t get all the desired projects done.

On Sunday EJ worked on the drywall. Meanwhile, in the basement the large shelves in the basement that had held the paint from various projects was falling apart, so JJ used the sledge-hammer to break it into smaller pieces that we could haul out to the junk heap in the back yard. We will throw all the junk in the dumpster that is scheduled to arrive later in the week.

After we broke apart the shelves, we drove to the store to buy a few items but most importantly to get more boxes for moving. We were told that they had no boxes; apparently everyone is moving this weekend and getting the boxes before us. We stopped at three other stores and was only able to get one box. Bummer.

Later EJ, Danny, and I drove to the home improvement store to get a few things that we will need to complete projects both down south and up north.

EJ will close on the new house this week and we will spend next week at the house before the big moving day which is scheduled for June 6th.  During that week we will work hard tearing out old carpet, installing new flooring, and painting the walls.

Meanwhile, this morning we packed the Buggy (EJ’s name for the Xterra) with items for the guys to drop off at the house after the closing. They are taking up cleaning and painting supplies, sleeping bags, hangers (for JJ’s work clothes), pots and pans, mixing bowls, and kitchen utensils. EJ still had room in the Buggy, so we packed clothes and a couple of boxes filled with bathroom stuff. We didn’t pack anything perishable, precious, or breakable because these items will have to ride around in the Buggy until after the closing–which might not be until Friday. We figure the more stuff we can transport up north, the less we have to do on moving day.

Luke misses his JJ.
Luke misses his JJ.

Next weekend we will pack the Buggy with Danny and more things and we will pack the car with cats. It will be nice to be all together again–both human and pets. Luke really misses his JJ.

We are arranging for a friend to drive EJ’s pickup truck with beds and a table and chairs so we don’t have to sleep and sit on the floor all next week. EJ is going to ask another friend who offered his pickup and services a while back to transport EJ’s tools. These friends all live in our area so the one can take the other one home. Otherwise EJ will have to drive him back down in the Buggy and then drive back up which is a lot of hours of driving. The truck is sort of a beater and we don’t know if it could take repeated trips up and down the state. EJ plans to just use it as a utility truck up north–to plow out the driveway in the winter, etc.

The guys left this morning at about 10 a.m. I took Danny for his walk and then paid all the bills so I don’t have to worry about them in the next week. I spent the rest of the day packing. I took many breaks because although my bruises are just about healed from my fight with the exercise thingy a week ago, my foot has begun to ache. I take Ibroprofen and ignore it because I have too much to do. I have to get all the packing done this week and do things like cancel our Internet down here as well as get our address changed at the post office, and also show the furnace guy the basement so he can write us an estimate. EJ said this is a great time to have a furnace installed because people aren’t thinking about furnaces. It would be wonderful if the furnace can be put in soon. I told EJ that if the guy can install it next week, I would stay down here…although I so don’t want to. I just know that the sooner we get everything done down here, the sooner our lives can transfer up there. Once the furnace is installed, I want to finish only a couple of projects and then call the realtor to sell our house.

There is a lot to do.

But it’s exciting. I have butterflies in my stomach. I can’t quite believe that I will soon be in our new house! JJ was astounded that we are moving so soon. It came so fast. He is excited about moving, but he said he’s going to miss our house. He has lived here all his life so that is understandable. I told EJ that there is going to be a lot of new things for both JJ and me. EJ grew up in the country, but JJ and I have only lived in towns in this area. I grew up only 30 minutes away from where we currently live. So it’s all going to be strange. And exciting. And take some getting used to.


3 Comments on “The Last Left Behind

  1. Update: Both of our friend are able to take loads up next weekend so we will have beds and a table and they can ride back down together. Yay!


  2. It is going to be such an adventure and a good one instead of the one’s that made you cry and miserable. New house, and new surroundings and all the wild life there. I do hope the bugs and spiders aren’t taking a holiday when you live there 🙂 But I’m looking forward to the pictures you will show us here. And hope that you can go next weekend which is almost here. ❤


  3. So good to have wonderful people around you when you need them. So happy for all of you, it’s hard living in two different places, you really never know where you belong. North will be home soon.


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