My foot has been hurting more and more–along with a tingling numbness that I’ve felt ever since I fell over the stupid exercise thingy. I was getting concerned that I might have broken my foot. At first I thought that I’d just wait until next week and find a doctor in the Emerald City, but then I imagined the problems that could develop if my foot healed improperly. So this morning I gave up and called my doctor.

Alas, my doctor is booked solid this week. The receptionist said that her physician’s assistant could see me Friday morning, but the dumpster was supposed to arrive on Friday. So I said I’d go to an Urgent Care place instead.

I was on my way to the Urgent Care in the town 30 miles away, but before I had gotten very far, I decided to turn around and go to the little clinic in our village. I figured they would also be booked, but they are affiliated with the little hospital ten miles away and they could tell me if there was an Urgent Care there. It seemed to me that there was, but it didn’t show up when I googled “Urgent Care.” As suspected, the little clinic was booked until Friday, but there was a “Redi-Care” in the hospital that accepted walk-ins.

So I went to the hospital and sat in the waiting room for about an hour and a half. I figured I’d have a long wait so I wasn’t surprised. I think people and conversations in waiting rooms are interesting. The older lady next to me was cradling her hand. She said that her thumb started hurting the other day, and this morning all her fingers was hurting. She was born and raised and lived in my village all her life. Eventually another older woman came in for a Wellness check. She was very warm and talkative. She said she used to work at the hospital, and she shared her memories. She was called away for her appointment, and then the first lady was, and finally me.

I had another long wait in the exam room, but finally a physician’s assistant and a student came in. I explained my injury and she ordered an x-ray. She led me to another waiting room. The woman getting an x-ray before me came out. She was my neighbor, who lives just around the corner. She had fallen and hurt her arm. Apparently, people from my village are getting injured.

I enjoyed talking to the x-ray technician. After she finished the x-ray, she walked me back to the exam room to wait for results. When the PA (with the student) returned, she told me that the x-ray showed no broken bones, fractures, or anything. The radiologist will look more carefully at the x-rays, but the only thing that showed up was that a tendon had an area of calcification on it. She said that could be causing my pain/numbness but that was a separate issue completely unrelated to the injury. That seems odd since I felt no pain or numbness UNTIL I injured my foot. So we shall see.

The important thing is that my foot is not broken. The PA told me to take ibuprofen, ice my foot, and keep it elevated–which is pretty much what EJ had recommended. I took ibuprofen and am icing and elevating my foot when I am not packing. I am taking lots of breaks because my foot hurts. It’s a good thing I am mostly packed.

This afternoon the landfill called to tell me that they can drop off the dumpster tomorrow. Yay! Tomorrow I will begin throwing into the dumpster the junk that is piled in our back yard.

In the far North, JJ’s phone has died and he is trying to figure out what to do. It might be a simple problem–like a dead battery–but if he has to he will buy a cheap phone until January when our contract period expires. At that time, he will get a better phone.

The mortgage officer has not yet scheduled the closing. I’m so hoping it will be this week because otherwise I will have to stay down here for another week.

Oh, last weekend EJ told me an interesting story. He had to get homeowner’s insurance for our new house, and decided to use a local branch of the insurance company we use for our auto insurance. The company is located only a couple of miles from where EJ works so he can easily stop in after work if he needs to get with them. Well, the branch in the north called our branch in the south, thinking it would save time to get the information they needed from our current agent. However, our insurance agent down here went totally ballistic and screamed at them. Apparently, he felt the northern agent was stealing us as clients. Wow. EJ let the northern agent know we definitely wanted them to handle our homeowner’s insurance. EJ is thinking about having our auto insurance transferred north too. I mean, the insurance agent down here doesn’t own us, and it doesn’t make sense to have any business handled down here when we will be living hours away in the north. I expect more fireworks when the agent learns we are leaving him completely.

Life is interesting.


3 Comments on “Redi-Care

  1. Wow. First sorry about the insurance guy. Why do people have to be that way. Good grief. Oh my on the foot. I know just how you feel. It hurts, you have pain and when you finally go in they say it isn’t really anything. It makes you feel like they think you are a whimp. This happens to me every time u go to a dr. Then a family member has a hang nail and they wind up in a cast or with some major disease.


  2. Glad that your foot isn’t broken and I hope the pain will quickly go away with all the work you are doing that should be a relief. Just a little while and than the big journey will begin. Wonderful to read the way things a re going . You can leave the fireworks behind when you leave 🙂


  3. I don’t think the physician’s assistant who saw me yesterday is correct in her diagnosis. My foot didn’t have any problems until after I fell. I have a lot more pain and numbness than could be explained by a calcified tendon and it’s quite a coincidence that it’s in the exact spot that I injured it. Anyway, if it continues to cause problems I will find a doctor in the Emerald City as soon as I find time.


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