Weekend Busyness

The weekend has been very busy.

Friday morning I was barely awake when I got a call from the hospital saying that JJ could have his port out that very day if he wanted to. He also could choose to have a twilight anesthesia when the port was taken out or to be awake and just have the actual area numbed. I felt those were decisions that JJ should make so I woke him up and handed him the phone. He wasn’t mentally prepared for the procedure that day so he scheduled it for June 23. Also, he wants to be twilighted. I mean, seriously, who wants to be awake when their body is opened and a port pulled out? Shudder.

EJ has begun working four ten-hour days and getting Fridays off. So Friday we went to a Menards store in the Emerald City to buy some tile because the rain runs down our steep driveway and erodes it so that there are widening gullies on either side. I think it’s sort of scary to drive. The tile lets the water drain away safely. A few years ago I asked why it’s called “tile” when it’s actually plastic tubing that looks nothing like tile, and EJ told me that in the olden days it was actually tile.

At the store we also looked at shelving for the books in our library. We considered the options and decided that shelves and bookcases are much, much too expensive, so we are going to make our own. We didn’t buy any supplies today because the tile took up all the room in the Buggy (Xterra).

EJ and JJ laying in the tile
EJ and JJ laying in the tile

After we got home, JJ helped EJ position the tile along the driveway. Monday EJ plans to call an excavation place and ask them to haul in gravel for the driveway.

Saturday we had to wait for a delivery, but afterwards EJ and I drove down to our old house. JJ couldn’t go because he had to work. Neither EJ nor I wanted to spend the night, so when we got to the house we mowed the lawn, loaded up the Buggy, and headed back up. We heard that there were bad storms–and even tornado warnings–in the area, but we encountered very little rain on our way home.

Most of my plants are safely at the new house.
Most of my plants are safely at the new house.

On this trip, we were able to get all but one of my potted plants–I’m so glad I have my cacti safely north. I had originally bought them in tiny pots from Walmart and now they are huge! We also brought up the missing parts of JJ’s bed, some boxes of food, some clothing, our small vacuum cleaner (which isn’t great but it’s better than nothing), a few more boxes of books, some of EJ’s tools, and our push lawn mower. We still have lots to bring up from the old house. I don’t know how we will ever get it all up here. We are taking another trip south next week, and EJ’s sister’s family is going to help us move more things the following week. I’ll be so glad when we are done with the weekend trips to the old place.

A lake shrouded in mist.
A lake shrouded in mist.

This morning we had to go to the hardware store to get a few things so EJ could hook up the washer and dryer. It was a misty, moisty day and the lake we drove by was very beautiful. As we were paying for our purchases at the store, we mentioned that we had just moved to the area–and EJ named the road we live on. The cashier asked, “So where exactly on that road do you live?” When we told her, she said that she lives just a couple of houses down from us. She’s our neighbor. We all introduced ourselves. She is the second neighbor we have met.

I love my laundry room!
I love my laundry room!

When we got home, EJ hooked up the washer and dryer. Yeah! In our old house we had a stackable washer/dryer in the downstairs bathroom. There was no room for the laundry baskets, so we stored them in the bathtub and took them out whenever one of us took a shower. In this new house, I actually have a real laundry room off the kitchen, and there are shelves and space for laundry baskets. I absolutely love it! I don’t love the color, but we can paint it later.

While EJ was hooking up the washer/dryer and working on other tasks in his wonderful garage shop, I used tape to mark off areas around doors, windows, and every other area where we don’t want paint when we paint the living room. I can’t wait to start painting. I really don’t like the dark blue color.

A little later I drove to the local grocery store to pick up a few things. JJ arrived home just a few minutes before I did. He said he saw the monster spider on our front porch. He agreed that it was so big we’d have to shoot it. I think I am going to name it Shelob after the spider that attacked Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. I hate spiders.


6 Comments on “Weekend Busyness

  1. We have monster Mosquitos and tons of them this year. It is nice to see the wider webs on the side of our house because they are full of Mosquitos. I wish your spider could come help make more webs. Sounds like you are settling in.


    • I hate mosquitoes too! I don’t mind little spiders that eat mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. Well, I do mind, but I can handle it. However, a spider the size of my hand is a bit too scary. When we sit on our porch, I first make sure Shelob is not on my chair or anywhere within sight.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It is great to see how much you all enjoy the new life. Even there are trips needed to the old place for moving etc. But it must be joyful evert time you leave the old town and drive up north to your new life. I love the laundry place. Blue soots very well there as it is the color of water which is been used for washing 🙂


  3. We really do enjoy our new life. I will be so glad when we are finished making trips south, and have sold that house, and can enjoy our surroundings. I didn’t realize that it would take so many trips to move up here.


  4. You guys are really making headway, and how nice for EJ to have a 3 day weekend, and soon your trips south will be behind you, keep enjoying the beautiful home you have.


    • We are so enjoying it, Linda and Bob. Eric keeps saying that he’s happier than he’s ever been before…and I must echo him!


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