At Home in the Enchanted Forest

I was so exhausted yesterday that I thought I’d sleep all night. However, about 3 or so I had to go to the bathroom. I went to bed, but Danny decided he wanted outside. Sigh. So I grabbed his leash and out we went. There were big spiders by the door–but not as big as Shelob, the hand-sized spider. I stepped over them (shudder) and took Danny out. He wandered about for quite a while before I declared, “Enough! We are going back in!” After that it took me a couple of hours to fall back to sleep. I woke up very tired this morning.

Tesla looking in the window this morning
Tesla looking in the window this morning

However, we had a great day.

JJ had to work, but EJ and I stayed home all day. This is the first time we were able to just stay home without running here and there, doing this and that. We puttered around. EJ mowed the front lawn…until he ran out of gas. Our gas can is still down south in the old house. It looks nice. We are not going to mow much of our property. Most of it we are going to keep as habitat for the wildlife. After he finished mowing, he worked at putting his garage in order. He had brought up some of his tools yesterday when we went to the old house. He also cut a hole from the entrance hallway to the pantry so the cats can get in there to use their litter boxes without us leaving the pantry door open.

Meanwhile, I mostly organized the pantry, which is very big. It holds not just food, but also items that we don’t have room for in other closets in the house. EJ’s stuff, of course, he keeps in his garage.

I also cooked a turkey in the roaster, unpacked a few boxes, washed dishes, and reorganized a few of the kitchen cupboards.

Together EJ and I walked to the mailbox and back, admired each other’s work, walked around the yard and discussed plans, relaxed in our chairs on the porch and sipped ice tea while we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and–finally–ate a meal of turkey, potatoes, and salad.

Towards evening, I took my camera outside and tried to take a picture of our forest, but it was difficult to capture the dark mysteriousness of its depth. The sun was setting and I was able to get a few pictures of it shining through the trees.

We had an awesome day puttering around in the Enchanted Forest.

One Comment on “At Home in the Enchanted Forest

  1. It looks beautiful your Enchanted Forest, and isn’t it wonderful that you have such a new and wonderful place……It must be great ( except for the spiders of course) ❤


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