Last night I went outside occasionally to see if I could see any Northern Lights. At about 12:30 am or so I gave up and went to bed. EJ told me that he could see them faintly as he drove home, but they weren’t strong enough for him to wake me up. At least I have strong hope that I will be able to see them in the future.

EJ mowing the lawn.
EJ mowing the lawn.

This morning we slept in and enjoyed drinking coffee on the front porch as we soaked in the quiet beauty of our surroundings. Then I walked down the hill to get the mail while EJ worked on mowing the lawn. The previous owners didn’t live in the house for the last two years, so the grass is long and it takes a bit to mow even the little bit we are planning to mow. EJ didn’t have a long time to mow because we had to go to the lumber store and get paint before he left for work.

We got three gallons of paint: “Vanilla Wafer” for the master bedroom, “Pekin” for JJ’s bedroom, and “Crocodile Tears” for the library. I wonder who comes up with the names of these paint colors anyway?

JJ's newly painted bedroom.
JJ’s newly painted bedroom.

I contemplated painting the library before we bring up the rest of the boxes of books, but I don’t have it prepared for painting yet. I contemplated painting the master bedroom, but didn’t feel like moving all the heavy bedroom furniture today. So instead I painted JJ’s bedroom. The color I chose matches a color in his bedspread. After EJ left for work, I talked to a friend on the phone for a while, and after JJ left for work, I began painting his room. I painted one coat, waited for it to dry, and then applied a second coat, which used up the remainder of the gallon. I finished painting about 9:30 p.m. so the paint was still wet when JJ returned home from work, but it dries fast. I think the room looks really nice. JJ has been sleeping on his mattress because we plan to paint his bed before setting it up. His bed is iron and belonged to EJ’s great grandmother.

As soon as EJ gets out of work at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning, we will drive to the old house. We have to get there by 8 a.m. because the furnace guy will be there to install the new furnace shortly afterwards. We will spend the night at the old house (sleeping on air mattresses).

EJ’s sister’s husband is going to help us move more of our boxes this Saturday, but we have more things in the old house than his brother-in-law can move in his van, so this morning EJ arranged to rent a uhaul truck. Although we love the beautiful scenery, it’s a bit tiring to keeping driving down to the old house every weekend–and it puts a lot of miles on the Buggy. We just wanted to get completely moved so we can spend weekends in our new house, and also so we can contact a realtor to sell the old house.

Ugh. It’s going to be a grueling weekend.

2 Comments on “Painting

  1. I love JJ’s room really beautiful and I do hope this is the last weekend that you have to drive all the way down and up. It is really grueling I can imagine. But after that you can leave that part of life behind and enjoy everything in the enchanted forest. ( except for the spiders ) ❤


  2. Nice color on the room. Hope you finally get it all moved. We ended up getting our brother- in- law and his semi truck when we moved 15 years ago. It was costly but the only thing we could do

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