♪ Because I’m Happy ♫

Yesterday we enjoyed a quiet, peaceful, restful Shabbat. It was such an awesome day.

When the sun set, EJ changed all the lightbulbs in the house to energy-efficient LED bulbs, which use almost no electricity and last for years. Then he got out his drill and fastened two screws into the wall so he could hang the heavy picture over the couch. He also installed the brackets for the curtain rods in the living room and master bedroom so I could finally put up my curtains. I asked him to put the brackets up high so that the curtains wouldn’t block much of the beautiful scenery outside. After living so many years in an old house with narrow windows on a shady lot, I’m loving the large windows that let the sun shine and beautiful scenery in. In the living room we just hung the valances. In the winter we will put up the matching insulated panels to keep out the cold.

The curtains really added to the coziness and beauty of the rooms.

JJ in his patriotic hat.
JJ in his patriotic hat.

JJ came home from work in high spirits. His store had told the employees that they could wear Independence Day shirts to work. JJ didn’t have any, but when he got to the store he saw patriotic hats so he bought one and wore it all day. He said a group of customers asked to have their pictures taken with him. JJ wore his hat again today. I’ve never seen him happier than he is here in the North…and that makes me happy.

This morning EJ and I happily worked at a variety of projects. EJ installed the pet door in the kitchen door so the cats can get to their litter boxes in the pantry/storage room.

Meanwhile, I did laundry and took the clothes outside to dry on the clothesline. I was filled with joy as I hung the clothes and delighted in the beautiful morning. I saw a Pileated Woodpecker start to fly from the forest. Then he saw me and put on his air breaks and returned to the safety of the trees. I caught glimpses of him in the trees before he moved deeper in.

In between taking loads of laundry out to the clothesline, I did various small jobs like vacuuming, washing dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms. I told EJ that I love the house and surroundings so much that I feel like a child playing “house.”

By afternoon EJ and I were both tired, but we really needed to get some groceries. We debated staying home or getting groceries, but finally decided that today was the best day to get them. The large grocery store that we really like is quite a distance–way on the other side of the Emerald City. However, a new one is being built not far away. I can’t wait until it opens in a few months.

On the way to the grocery store, EJ wanted to stop at Goodwill to buy the hat that he really liked but didn’t buy yesterday. The hat was no longer there, but we found a room-sized rug with a matching smaller rug. When new, the rugs would sell for hundreds of dollars but we got it for almost nothing. And it matches our decor wonderfully. We had originally planned to replace all the carpet in the house with wood-like vinyl flooring, but EJ was having second thoughts about getting rid of the carpet. I was willing to keep the carpet in the bedrooms, but didn’t really like it in the living room where it was looking worn. When EJ saw the large rugs (which we bought), he was willing to go right home and start tearing out the living room carpet. I advised him to wait until we can buy–or order–the new flooring. LOL.

With the Buggy filled with rolled up rugs, we continued on to the grocery store. Like the Ant in the story The Grasshopper and the Ant, we are hoping to buy extra items every time we go shopping so that we won’t run out of essentials if we get snowed in this winter. We don’t really know what to expect from our first winter–except that we will get tons of snow.

As we were leaving the Emerald City, I took a video of the beautiful lake. Further up the coast there were crowds of people on the beaches and lots of boats in the lake–including a tall ship or two–but where I took the video, there were fewer boats and one parasail.

When we started up our driveway, we saw a family of turkeys–two adults with lots of little ones. Later I looked outside and saw them further up the driveway. I tried to take pictures, but they were well camouflaged in the long grass.

All day I have been humming Pharrell Williams’ Happy. Because I am happy that EJ is so happy, and I am happy that JJ is so happy, and I am happy because it’s such an awesome gift to live in such a beautiful place. I told EJ that we ought to make our own Happy video, but that’s not likely to happen so I will leave you with this version of Happy that I found on Youtube:




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    • Someday, Simone, perhaps you will come have coffee with me in the Enchanted Forest and enjoy the trees and the lakes, the deer and the turkeys.


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