Driveway Project

This morning as I was refilling the outdoor cats’ bowl with fresh water, I found a very pretty moth. I’m amazed at all the different types of moths and other bugs that we are finding in our Enchanted Forest. Some moths are very huge, while others are painted very pretty colors. I didn’t know such beautiful moths existed.

JJ had an appointment with his counselor at noon today. He wanted me to go with him because he wanted company, but it was more important that I help EJ with the driveway. The counselor gives JJ hope that he is doing well at life as well as encouraging him to pursue his ideas and goals. Sometimes it really helps to have non-parents give advice.

Making rock dams
One of the rock dams we made to slow the water.

While JJ was gone, EJ and I went out to work on the driveway. EJ went outside before I did and he put the drainage tile along one side of the driveway. The Gravel Man had said that the rain water rushing down the sides of the driveway are eroding it and he suggested that as a temporary measure we use rocks to make little dams to slow the water until he can bring the appropriate type of gravel or stones or whatever on Saturday. So when I joined EJ outside, we walked along the driveway and built rock dams. I felt like a child again, making tiny boats and channels and streams in puddles after a rain. Both EJ and I were really tempted to find some little green army men to place in the little canyons that the erosion is making in the driveway.

Shoveling gravel
Shoveling gravel

After we made the dams, we began shoveling limestone gravel (I think it was limestone) into crevasses along the sections of the driveway that we have to drive on. It was very hot and humid today–there was a possibility of severe storms–and we sweated buckets as we worked. Later, after EJ went to work, JJ helped me for a while. We got quite a bit done today, but we weren’t able to finish because we got so overheated. At least I feel that we are making progress. That relieves my stress.

It amazes me that the UPS truck and other people around here have no qualms about driving all the way up to our house, even though there are crevasses and piles of gravel in the middle of the driveway so they have to drive on the grass around them. It seems that people around here are tough. I suppose after driving through deep snow, a little driveway erosion is nothing.

Here is a video I made today of our driveway project.


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