Plan A – B + C

This week has been interesting with its ups and downs and twists and turns.

EJ went hunting last weekend and brought home two deer. When he got them home on Sunday night, he hung them up in the garage. JJ and I climbed up the ladder and when EJ lifted up the deer we pulled on the rope and tied it off. While I was on the ladder, the deer was right next to me but I tried not to look at it because I hate seeing dead things–although I am very thankful that we have venison to fill our freezer.

EJ has been having some health problems and ended up missing two days of work–one day last week and one day this week. I worry about EJ’s health and also about him not feeling too sick to work when we need the money. EJ went to the doctor and she thinks the probiotics in his intestines is depleted from stress so she gave him some probiotics and put him on a very bland diet for a couple of weeks. Otherwise EJ’s health is pretty good.

A couple of days ago I got a call from the new large grocery store asking me if I was interested in coming in for an interview. I was so shocked that my mind both froze and raced at the same time. I totally didn’t know what to tell the guy because really I don’t really want to work outside the home, and since I filled out the on-line application I have been thinking more of starting an on-line store, but I don’t really know if my store will make enough money soon enough, so maybe I need to get an outside job…To give myself time to think, I said, “Do you mind if I think about this and call you back?” The guy said that was fine, but I know that it’s really not fine because employers want employees who are eager for a job, not ones who have to think about whether or not they want it.

After I hung up the phone, I told EJ about the call and burst into tears because I didn’t know what to do. Usually I don’t go around bursting into tears, but we have been under chronic stress for so long and we are so tired out that it is affecting our health in different ways. Stress causes EJ to have physical problems and it causes me to get emotional and my brain to freeze.

Anyway, I decided to at least call the guy back and try to arrange for an interview, even though I didn’t think I would get one. The man I had talked to had gone to lunch but when I told the woman that I had been called to set up an interview, she leafed through the applications and said, “Hmm. I can’t find yours here.” I suspected that my application had already been tossed, but I told her that I could give her my phone number and she could call me back when (if) she found it. She said, “No, that’s ok. I’ll set up an interview and find your application later.” So I scheduled the interview for Friday morning, and then felt depressed about it all day. The next day I got an email from the store saying that they appreciated my interest in applying for the job, but they have decided to pursue other applicants. No surprise there. EJ laughed because it was really quite funny but at first I just felt really stupid because I know I handled it all wrong. I was planning for this store to be my Plan B if I couldn’t make enough money from my digital store because it’s new and they need lots of employees. So much for Plan B. But after I stopped saying, “Ugh! I am SO STUPID! I am so very STUPID!” then I actually felt relieved. I would rather make money at home doing something I enjoy then forcing myself to work elsewhere. I had asked God to show me want to do and, well, there it is. I can’t exactly go back in time and handle the call differently.

I did begin Plan C: I emailed my resume to the little grocery store a couple miles from us. Being so close, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about driving in the snow if I worked there, the employees all seem really nice, and it’s not huge with tons of people like the other store. The store nicely emailed me that they aren’t currently hiring, but they are keeping my resume on file. I will try to be prepared if they ever call.

When I am not cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and other chores, I spend all my time crocheting so I can have enough items to open my store. I don’t know anything about selling on-line, but I have a wonderful friend who has experience with it, so she showed me how to order boxes and mailing labels from the post office, and she told me about setting up an Amazon store, and together we looked on the Internet to see what people are selling similar items for so I could price my items reasonably. I really could not do this without her help and encouragement. As soon as I get the boxes from the post office, I will set up my Etsy store. EJ and I also want to sell books on Amazon or Ebay so this morning we set up an Amazon seller account and we place one book for sale just to try it out. We are starting getting excited about this opportunity.

I’m also excited because I have been unable to unpack my boxes of books because I don’t have shelves in our library because we haven’t had the money to get shelves. That’s not the exciting part. The exciting part is that when EJ came home from hunting last weekend, he said that 30 years ago he helped his friend cut down trees and make them into lumber. His friend still has many of the boards they made and he is going to give them to EJ for our shelves. So soon I will have my library shelves at no cost AND they will be very special because EJ made them. It’s difficult sorting through the books we want to keep and those we want to sell when they are all in boxes stacked one on top of another so shelves will help us get organized. We are going to have one section of bookshelves where we place our “sell” books. I can’t wait.

Tomorrow JJ has his orientation for college. EJ is going to go with him for a Father-Son time.

Most of the week–including today–the weather has been crazy windy. We can hear the wind roaring outside the house. It makes the trees in our enchanted forest sway back and forth and twirls the leaves around in a wild dance. Yesterday evening it also rained very hard. We could hear it coming down in a downpour–and then it rained even harder and harder. Today the temperature dropped and we could get 3-6 inches of  snow this weekend.


One Comment on “Plan A – B + C

  1. You really have two deer hanging in the garage?? How are you going to prepare that to get it in the freezer??? I’m glad I don’t have to help 🙂 Hoping that your Etsy store will get on the way and you are been able to sell enough products to make some money. And most of the time I think those stores will work well. And snow this weekend well we will have some wintry things too. Wet snow as they call it so it looks like the real thing but disappears when it’s on the ground. But it is something 🙂 Hope Eric is getting better and JJ will enjoy starting with a class on college. Wishing you peace and rest this shabbat. So Shabbat Shalom ❤


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