A New Home

The chickens and ducks in their new home.
The chickens and ducks in their new home.

Saturday EJ and JJ put together the chicken coop in the garage. We will eventually move it outside after we get the enclosure built to make the chickens and ducks safe from predators. On Sunday we decided to move the birds into the coop in the garage. The ducks, especially, were getting too big for the horse trough and the chickens were tapping morse code on the sides hoping that someone would set them free from their boring prison. Plus, I read that chickens kick up a fine dust, and I think that’s what was making EJ sneeze a lot and me cough. It was nice to get the entrance hallway back to normal.

The nights are still cool but the days are warming up. I turn the heat light on in the coop when it’s cool, and I also put the large cardboard box that the coop came in next to the coop to help hold in the heat. On warm days I turn off the heat light, remove the cardboard, and open the garage door so the birds can enjoy the sunshine. They seem to be happy enough in their new home, although we really need to get a small swimming pool for the ducks. The coop has a second story that is currently unoccupied. I don’t think the ducks can get up there with their webbed feet and the chickens haven’t found it yet.

Although Danny doesn’t get to visit them as often, he can sit next to the coop and visit with them face-to-face. The birds aren’t scared of him at all, and even come right up to “talk” to him. Danny is so in love with the ducks and chickens. I had to laugh because usually he goes down the hill with me when I get the mail. Yesterday, however, he was torn between coming with me or staying with the birds. I saw him watching me from the top of the hill and then he turned and went back to the coop. I also always let him outside when EJ arrives home from work. Usually Danny runs straight to EJ, but yesterday he ran to the chicken coop. EJ thought I had forgotten to let him out to greet him. We can see where Danny’s loyalties lie.

We gave the ducks some lettuce the other day as a treat. They loved it and now they complain if we don’t bring them any. This evening we went to the store and I bought some lettuce. I offered them each a piece and they got really excited and gobbled it down. Apparently, I didn’t bring enough because they then tried to eat my camera.

Sunday was JJ’s first anniversary of moving up north. EJ had come north in early March last year to begin his new job. JJ joined him a month and a half later. They stayed at a motel while EJ looked for a house for us. I stayed at the old house to take care of things there. I moved north when we closed on our house.

JJ is still enjoying his new job. It’s nice working at a grocery store because he can buy good food to eat on his breaks. The store is very close to us so we shop there often. Cashiers cannot ring up their own family’s purchases, so whenever we buy anything, he has to call someone to take over. JJ said that his co-workers refer to his Dad and me as “the happy people.” EJ said, “Yeah, duh. Of course we are happy. We live here.”


2 Comments on “A New Home

  1. Wonderful to see Danny and the ducks and chicks they love each other and will be safe when they go outside he will watch over them I’m sure. ❤


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