Cats and Birds


Most of our cats sleep with us every night.  Two are especially funny when they observe that we are getting ready for bed. Little Bear often follows us around squeaking that we need to go to bed and then gives us lovings for a few minutes before he settles down. Kee-Kee usually waits until I climb into bed and then cuddles next to me. He seems to prefer being near my face so that if I turn from one side to another, he moves around until he is again near my face. He also likes sleeping on my pillow above my head. He sleeps next to me all night, making only brief disappearances before returning. When he returns, he walks straight across the bed from the foot to the head–and walks right across my head–to settle on the pillow. Or he paws at the blankets until I hold them up to let him settle next to me under them. At 3-something this morning Kee-Kee lay down right on my face. It’s not comfortable having weight on my face and inhaling fur every time I breathe so I tried to shift him slightly to move him next to my head instead of on my face. He resisted, so I had to gently but firmly move him. By the time I got him off my face, I was completely awake. EJ was awake too so we decided we might as well get up. This was at around 4 a.m.

We turned on the coffee machine and enjoyed the morning. When the sky began to lighten, I went outside and listened to the chorus of birds. I videoed it.  I photograph or video just about everything.

I thought I’d go back to bed after EJ left for work, but I didn’t. Instead I did laundry and hung the clothes on the clothesline to dry. It’s not particularly fun lugging the baskets of wet clothes out to the clothesline, but I really enjoy soaking in the beautiful sights and sounds of morning as I hang them up and I enjoy the fragrance of clothes that have dried outside.

After it had warmed up a little bit, I went outside to care for the ducks and chickens, which includes cleaning their pen and refilling their food and water containers. I opened the garage door so they could go outside, but they were a little nervous so they didn’t go very far and didn’t stay very long. After a few minutes, I shut the door. The pen isn’t finished–the fence is fastened to most of the posts with just one staple until EJ can get out to permanently fasten it to the posts, and we still need to make a roof for the pen–so I don’t let the birds out unless I am out there with them.

In the late afternoon, I opened the garage door again to let the ducks and chickens have the opportunity to go outside while I refilled their water and food containers. This time they were more brave and ventured further outside. When I finished my chores I sat in a chair outside the pen to watch over them while they explored. EJ joined me after a bit. Poor Danny whines because he wants to be in with the birds, but I want them to get used to their surroundings before I let him interact closely with them.


Three of the six baby chicks.
Three of the six baby chicks.

Of course, both morning and evening I also care for the little baby chickens who must remain in the horse trough. They are growing quickly and beginning to get their feathers. I think these chicks are very pretty. Of course, I think the older chickens are pretty too.



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