EJ mowing
EJ mowing

Our grass was getting long so yesterday I decided to mow it. However, I couldn’t get the lawn mower started. We actually have TWO lawn mowers, and I couldn’t get either of them started. I kind of enjoy mowing the lawn, but I have a hate/hate relationship with the mowers. Later, after EJ had gotten home and eaten supper, he got the mowers started and then he went ahead and mowed the lawn. We only mow up near the house to keep the ticks and other insects away. We keep the other parts of our property unmowed for the wildlife.

Usually I just buy plants at a nursery because I don’t have much success with seeds, but I thought I’d try starting cilantro and lavender seeds in the house. I put them in pots in the living room window. I started the cilantro first and it’s beginning to grow, sending out delicate shoots. Today I saw Kee-Kee munching on them. I moved the pot to the kitchen window, hoping that he won’t find them.

It’s been quite warm and I was tempted to move all my indoor plants outside for the summer…except we could get snow tonight. Brrr.

I did, however, find one plant growing in my planter the other day:

May 11, 2016 005
Tesla sleeping in the planter

This morning Danny and I walked down to the mailbox for our mail. When I saw the mail, I thought, “Are you kidding me?” It was a summons for Jury Duty. EJ has only gotten a summons once–it was last year when he was beginning his new job, and since he had already moved away, he was excused. I, on the other hand, have been summoned for Jury Duty countless times over the years, usually at very inconvenient times, such as:

During final exams at college
Just before the day of my wedding
When JJ was a toddler and I had no babysitter
When I was sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
And a few other times that I can’t really remember

I’ve been excused from serving a time or two, and I had to attend the jury selection a few times, but I never actually got selected to serve as a juror. I’ve always felt a lot of anxiety about getting a Jury Summons–not only because of the inconvenient times, but mostly because I didn’t know how to get to the courthouse which was in the middle of a city that I was unfamiliar with. I get lost very, very easily so EJ would always make me drive the route several times before I had to appear at the courthouse so I could learn (and relearn) the way.

I don’t feel quite so nervous this time because there is nothing major happening in my life and the courthouse is located in a smallish town not far away and I know I can easily find my way.

The funniest thing is that not only did I receive a Jury Summons today, but JJ did also. This is his first time.

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