New Ground

The fence I installed.
The fence I installed.

Yesterday I put up the fence posts for the chickens’ enlarged enclosure. Today I put up the fencing. I had never put up a fence before but, duh, I can hammer large staples into the wooden posts and twist wires to hold the fence to the metal t-posts. We were going to put up all wooden posts but we didn’t have enough so we just used the wooden posts for the corners and the rest are t-posts. I actually thought the t-posts were easier because I can twist wire better than I can hammer. I ran out of the taller fencing so I used the shorter fencing from the old dog pen. EJ said we can always put another layer above the fence to make it taller.

It was really hot and humid today. It was so hot that the chickens were panting. Poor things. I worked 4-5 hours–with a few short breaks in the air conditioned house–until the job was finished.  I wanted the chickens to be able to enjoy their new pen. They will get more of a breeze and will be able to move where there is shade.

When I finished putting up the fence, I cut open the fence dividing their old pen and the new area. Chickens are funny. They are actually very curious and they watch me and talk to me whenever I work nearby. When I cut away the dividing fence, the Roosters walked through first and then many of the hens came. I thought they’d immediately run to explore the new area, but it took them quite a while to move past the first few steps. They saw the tall grass that I hadn’t mowed since we decided to enlarge their pen–so they would have lots to eat–and they immediately “cooed” with delight and started eating. Eventually they moved into the rest of the enclosure. We can see part of the pen from our bedroom window. I stood watching them for awhile. The chickens look so happy eating the grass and scratching for insects.

I felt sort of sorry for the ducks in their smaller pen, although they have their pool and a sprinkler to help them keep cool. I’m seriously thinking of letting them free-range. Maybe with the chickens in their larger pen, the ducks will venture further into the back yard to be near them and will be able to enjoy the grass and insects.

When EJ got home from work, he said I did a really good job on the fence. I never really feel tired while I’m working, but when I stop fatigue and sore muscles hit. I AM TIRED. But it’s a good sort of tired. I am proud of my accomplishment in putting up the fence all by m’self.

We now have FIVE eggs. It’s so cool. It’s like an everyday opportunity to go treasure hunting. Today I looked at the egg that a hen laid with new eyes as I carried it in the house. I thought what an absolute miracle and wonder an egg is.

After EJ ate supper, we threw the Suburban’s flat tire into the HHR to get repaired. Only we got to the place too late. EJ’s new work hours make it difficult to get to businesses. He is going to try to drop off the tire right after work.

I was doing a few chores early this evening when I glanced out the window and saw the turkey family. They came right up to the house! The little ones are so adorable. I tried to get a photo of them, but I couldn’t get close to the windows without spooking the adults so I gave up.


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