The Enchanted Library

A beautiful foggy sunrise
A beautiful foggy sunrise

I really enjoy the beauty of early mornings but the sun rises so early that if I didn’t have to get up to let the chickens and ducks outside, I would sleep right through the dawn. Instead, I get up early to let the birds outside as soon as the sun rises so they can enjoy as much daylight as possible. And because I get up so early, I get to enjoy beautiful mornings like yesterday.

The other day I tried to describe the ruckus that occurs when I open the garage door to let the chickens and ducks outside. It’s hard to describe so I took this video:

Our alpha Rooster’s name is Sassy. He wears a band on his leg with a Superman “S” on it. The other roosters have a Batman charm and a Captain America charm on their bands. Because of the charms, I named the one Bat-Roo (for Bat-Rooster). EJ named the one with the Captain America charm “Captain AmeROOca.” Ha ha.

I’ve been trying to get more exercise by walking down and up our long, steep driveway several times a day. Danny usually comes with me. Sometimes he meanders around and sometimes he just stops and waits for me.

At our old house, we turned the extra bedroom upstairs into our library. I have always, always wanted a downstairs library so the books would be easily accessible instead of hidden away upstairs. Our library in our new house is also in the extra bedroom but our house is one storm and the library is right next to the living room, which is perfect. EJ has been working on building the book shelves in the evenings when he gets home from work. He finally finished the shelves last night. Yay!

Today I spent most of the day organizing the library. EJ’s books are on the higher shelves and my books are on the lower shelves. I grouped them by subject: Dictionaries, history, literature, science, gardening, home improvement, crafts, fiction, and religious books. Our china cabinet holds my favorite Biblical/Hebrew books instead of china. Except for our desk and file cabinet, every available wall space has bookshelves. We also have a rocking chair in the library for comfortable quiet reading. A little stool can be used as a footstool and as a step stool to reach books on high shelves. Most of my paperback books are on shelves that hang over the bedroom and closet doors. The closet holds our printer and my crochet supplies and Etsy store items.

Libraries have a quiet peaceful feeling to them and EJ loved being there. This evening he began to further organize his books and to cull the ones he doesn’t want. We will either sell them or donate them. We still have about a dozen boxes of books in our pantry that we have to sort through.

It’s difficult to get good pictures of the library but it looks like this:

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.
~ Jorge Luis Borges

2 Comments on “The Enchanted Library

  1. Wow, how beautiful and EJ you get my praise on a job well done. All of you will enjoy that room, giving you many hours of peace and joy. As you see we didn’t make it up for color this season. It seems you blink an eye and the month is gone. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and just keep enjoying all your beautiful nature and one another.


    • Yes, time goes by so quickly! Many of our trees are already getting bare…and it won’t be long before the snow will be falling. We think of you and Bob often with love. Remember that you are always welcome to visit no matter what season!


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